NEXYAD Applied Mathematics


    ABOUT NEXYAD (Français) (中 国) (Deutsch)

    NEXYAD is a high-tech company founded by two engineers Pierre DA SILVA DIAS and Gerard YAHIAOUI in 1995, which has developed innovative and        

    proven methods for the processing of digital data, signals, and images.

    The firm’s expertise is applied in four major demanding areas :
        – Onboard software modules for ADAS and road safety :                                   NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation
        – Automatic color grading for movies, series, videos, pictures :                        NEXYAD Visual Effects
        – Data Analysis for Big Data :                                                                                    NEXYAD Analytics
        – Artificial vision, signal understanding and data fusion for testing :                NEXYAD Testing

    NEXYAD is member of French competitive clusters including Mov’eo (Gérard YAHIAOUI is Vice President, Member of the Board
    of Mov’eo and Pôle Media Grand Paris. He is also member of the Board of the Research Foundation VeDeCom.

    NEXYAD mathematics asset is an internal software environment NEXYAD Developer : 114 000 C++ source code lines, 3750 maths methods and algorithms 
    developed, tested and proven since 1995. This mathematics asset makes NEXYAD faster and more efficient to develop new products and new

    NEXYAD is labelled by French Fiscal Administration as "Research Center" (agrément CIR).


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