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HERE invited NEXYAD to Le Mans

HERE the famous digital Map drovider is sponsor of Alpine Racing Team. As costumer and Partner of HERE, Nexyad has been invited to see the essaies. HERE provides maps for SafetyNex. Many Thanks to Jacques-Etienne Grandjean and Patrcik Jean for the spectacular show!

Le Mans 24H 2017
Le Mans 24H Alpine run at night

Gérard Yahiaoui and Pierre Da Silva Dias
Heads of Nexyad: Gérard Yahiaoui and Pierre Da Silva Dias


Thanks to HERE for the invitation to the 24 Hours Le Mans trials

Thursday June 16th, Nexyad managers attended to the trials of 24 Hours of Le Mans Race, invited by the Navigation Map provider HERE.
HERE is sponsor of ALPINE Team LMP2
Alpine LMP2

Le Mans
Training at night on rainy weather.