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Internet of Objects for Testing Applications

Connected sensors (temperature, pressure, image, IR, …) can now be deployed without any tough work in manufactures, shops, agencies, … in order to : . Detect defects and control quality (wing to wing global control for every single good, from manufacturing to saling) . Count . Detect frauds Today, 15 billion connected objects are already …

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Nexyad was at the EDF / innovative SMEs day at the “Maison de la Chimie” in Paris ( January 7, 2015 )

Nexyad was invited at the Meeting day organized by EDF for High Tech SMEs. The purpose was explaning EDF expectations to SMEs and was organizing workshops focused on possible collaborations. Nexyad participated in the Digital Innovation workshop. We wrote a report about this session on the blog of the Groupement INI (Intégration du Numérique dans …

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