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New release of VisiNex (visibility measurement)

Nexyad launched their new release of VisiNex (Visibility measurement). VisiNex is used by industrials to test efficiency of visibility recovery devices (wipers, lighting, demist, defrost, …). Now the VisiNex system is also available for non automotive applications (tram, train, airport, …) with specific configurations.


NEXYAD Testing with CARLIPA on a booth for the MPV congress

NEXYAD and CARLIPA show together a new device for skin aspect measurement in retail shop : wrinkles, color, patches, … all those characteristics are measured and let the shop propose the proper products.


VisiNex : The only visibility measurement tool 100% correlated to human observers panels (February 3, 2014)

This measurement tool, VisiNex, may be used to score the efficiency of every system that was made to restore visibility (lighting, wipers, washers, demist, …). VisiNex may also be used to score the efficiency of road signs in bad weather conditions. VisiNex may also be used to detect bad weather conditions along highways, airports, etc …

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Poster publication of the Visibility measurement research project (SURVIE – Mov’eo) conclusions at the “carrefours du PREDIT”, in Paris, Palais Broigniart (October 7-8, 2013)

The project SURVIE was headed by NEXYAD with the research partners AXIMUM, CETE, IFSTTAR, OKTAL, SAINT GOBAIN, VALEO. The goal of this project was to validate standard measurement protocols for different testing usages of the test bench tool VisiNex (developed by NEXYAD : click HERE to know more) : measurement of the performance of every …

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Non destructive quality testing of nail polish for luxury industry (November 12, 2012)

NEXYAD works on a complex nail polish quality testing using advanced colour and glow measurement and diagnosis.


NEXYAD developed a defects detection on cogwheels for SNCF

NEXYAD developed a defects detection on cogwheels for SNCF


Visibility measurement, for CETE Lyon (December 5, 2011)

Visibility measurement, for CETE Lyon (Lab Clermont Ferrand), using VisiNex™, and comparison with the subjective marks of a sensorial analysis human panel.