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NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #35, November 23th, 2021


Nexyad AI Excellence


Headlines :

– Nexyad CEO Editorial

– NEXYAD CEO Interviewed by HERE Technologies at ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg

– Another look on PFA event (french automotive sector day) in Paris

– New article from Auto News by Laurent Meillaud (in french)

– French Automovive Sector day “PFA” In Paris

– Nexyad has launched the cooperative demo car DREAMOTOR 1 at ITS World 2021 in Hamburg

– Nexyad Excellence in Artificial Intelligence for Automotive




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Nexyad CEO Editorial



NEXYAD is in a phase of success as deep tech AI we’ve been developing those last 20 years is now a very quick and efficient answer to market needs.
A few years ago, we lost the battle vs MOBILEYE that brought computer vision perception to cars. We had the same offer with  our perception AI modules RoadNex and ObstaNex, but as said MOBILEYE won the game. We decided to offer our technology to another market : railways. And this time it seems that we won a battle and our integrator OTN is now presenting their valuable product, based on our perception AI, to railway companies worldwide. For this sector, we made a fusion of ObstaNex vision algorithm with lidar.


This makes our two perception AI modules 2 new solutions that may come back to automotive sector as car electronics architecture is about to change, letting more room for a pure software company like NEXYAD. We are ready for the second battle :-).
The second good point is that our perception AI module VisiNex is starting to interest automotive OEMs. Indeed, it was not very easy those last years to explain why this vision module is a real game changer for perception : it estimes « available visibility » for computer vision perception modules (our modules, competitors, our eyes, etc). Because this module doesn’t detect anything … it tells when detection is possible, easy, or impossible. Now is becomes very clear that automotive OEMs are ready for our VisiNex module :
     . detecting every lack of visibility and its cause : fog, rain, snow, dust on cameras (very important for cars that put cameras on non wiped areas, e.g. TESLA)
     . knowing the trust you can put on camera perception, in real time, so that your sensor fusion may be more relevant
     . Improving vision deep learning in bad weather and bad visibility conditions : if you give diagnosis from VisiNex to your deep learning, in addition to image sequences, the Artificial Neural Network will not only learn to recognize objects (pedestrians, vehicles, …) it will also learn how the aspect of those objects is modified in bad visibility condition. Improvement of performance is stunning !
And of course, last but not least, our cognitive AI SafetyNex is now featured through our current integrations for OEMs in Europe, and our partnership with the major map provider HERE Technologies. This cognitive AI can be seen as a « all in one » module as it brings 3 automotive functions :
     . safety score,
     . safety coach (digital co-pilot)
     . preventive ACC
This cognitive AI SafetyNex is a change of paradigm : it aggregates in real time during trip all available source of data (descriptors of driving behavior and driving context : static and dynamic), and it calculates 20 times per second :
     . a level of caution in driving behavior regarding context
     . a level of risk, defined as lack of caution
     . a setpoint speed that is the max speed, here and now, that garanties a cautious driving behavior regarding context
This cognitive AI module should be soon into series vehicles. It is available for cars, trucks, and two-wheelers.
So this is the NEXYAD mindset of the moment, and to make sure that our AI modules can be demonstrated, we decided to build our own demo car DREAMOTOR1 that integrates NEXYAD technologies with technologies coming from a bunch of talented startups and SMEs.
Soon showcased all aroud Europe, take you ticket for a tour.

Gerard, CEO of NEXYAD “We Save Lives”


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NEXYAD CEO Interviewed by HERE Technologies at ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg



Thanks to Karoline Jerchow and Franck Despouy for their nice welcome on Here Booth at ITS World 2021 in Hamburg.  


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Another look on PFA event (french automotive sector day) in Paris


Video of DREAMOTOR 1 at PFA event in Paris Oct. 26th 2021 Featured participant to DREAMOTOR 1 demo car : Nexyad, Nextmove, EcoTechnilin, Intempora, YoGoKo



Visit the PFA website  


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New article from Auto News by Laurent Meillaud (in french)



La PME française a mis au point un outil qui permet de calculer les risques en fonction du profil de la route, de l’environnement et de la vitesse. Ce système combine l’intelligence artificielle, des capteurs et des cartes de haute précision. Lors du récent congrès sur les transports intelligents (ITS) de Hambourg, on a pu voir tourner dans les rues de la ville une Renault ZOE baptisée « Dreamotor 1 ». Et elle serait, selon ses concepteurs, l’un des plus sûres au monde. Pourquoi ? Parce qu’elle intègre un système d’intelligence artificielle très évolué, fruit de 20 ans de recherche au sein de la PME Nexyad, et qui a fait ses preuves*. Ce système a pour nom SafetyNex et mesure 20 fois par seconde le niveau de risque en fonction du contexte routier (vitesse, analyse de l’environnement, type de route). Cet outil assez unique s’appuie sur les cartes pour GPS de haute précision de HERE Technologies, dans le cadre d’un partenariat. La ZOE intègre une fonction « safety coach » qui s’appuie sur des données en temps réel pour recommander au conducteur à quelle vitesse maximale il peut rouler. Précisons que ce coach peut aussi agir en cas d’urgence sur le régulateur de vitesse intelligent (ACC), s’il estime que le niveau de danger est trop élevé et en cas de non-réaction. Le système d’IA de Nexyad bénéficie à bord de ce prototype de l’apport d’autres technologies pour calculer encore plus précisément en temps réel le risque routier. Lire l’article en entier sur le site              


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French Automovive Sector day “PFA” In Paris


The 26th of october 2021 took place at la Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, the day of the French Automotive Sector (PFA). Many officials, president of PFA, Luc Chatel, Industry miniter Bruno Lemaire, and automotive executives as Luca De Meo CEOof Renault Group were present. Nexyad participated and showed outside its demo car Dreamotor 1 (below).      

DEMO ICIM (above) is a demo car of the French Automotive & Mobility cluster NEXTMOVE that integrates technologies of member SMEs including NEXYAD Cognitive AI SafetyNex. This demo car Demo ICIM is a « sister » of DREAMOTOR 1. NEXYAD and NEXTMOVE have a signed partnership to promote the two cars together and show the excellence in clean and intelligent vehicles.



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Nexyad has launched the cooperative demo car DREAMOTOR 1 at ITS World 2021 in Hamburg


Our DREAMOTOR 1 car was not already available. What we call DREAMOTOR 1 V0 is a RENAULT ZOE that we’ve been renting in Hamburg. In this ZOE we installed a PC + sensors etc. and could showcase 3 automotive functions :

. Safety score : at the end of every trip, we give statistics of caution : driving behavior is described with caution profile, risk (= lack of caution) profile, and global scores such as driving caution score, anticipation ability score, driving skills score, and observed self-confidence score. . Safety coach : during driving, caution and risk are estimatied onboard in real time (20 times per second), and then are used to give advices to driver in order to avoid incautious behaviors. It has been validated that this system reduces accident rate by at least 25%. . Anticipative ACC and AD : in real time, knowing context, the same system can estimate 20 times per second what should be the good behavior in order not to exceed a max accepted risk (= lack of caution). In particular, what should be vehicle speed (which brings a setpoint value to ACC).

This V0 did not integrate already all the technologies of partners which bring for most of them new inputs to NEXYAD caution assessment cognitive AI in order to get a better description of context. This will be done in DREAMOTOR 1 V1.


Some OEMs tried DREAMOTOR1 V0 in the streets of Hamburg (real tests in real streets) and NEXYAD got very good feedbacks. Now we are on partners technologies integration to improve functions.

Soon the next episode at PFA Day (journée de la Plateforme Française de l’Automobile) à Paris.

See all information about DREAMOTOR 1.


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Nexyad Excellence in Artificial Intelligence for Automotive


NEXYAD team’s multi-credited experience in AI for road safety development led to the participation of NEXYAD CEO to a very important book in the USA about Artificial Intelligence applied to modern vehicles. Especially the 1st chapter : « Artificial Intelligence for Vehicles »


1. Artificial Intelligence for Vehicles, Gérard Yahiaoui.
2. Conventional Vision or Not: A Selection of Low-level Algorithms, Fabien Bonardi, Samia Bouchafa, Hicham Hadj-Abdelkader and Désiré Sidibé.
3. Automated Driving, a Question of Trajectory Planning, Olivier Orfila, Dominique Gruyer and Rémi Sainct.
4. From Virtual to Real, How to Prototype, Test, Evaluate and Validate ADAS for the Automated and Connected Vehicle?, Dominique Gruyer, Serge Laverdure, Jean-Sébastien Berthy, Philippe Desouza and Mokrane Hadj-Bachir.
5. Standards for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), Thierry Ernst.
6. The Integration of Pedestrian Orientation for the Benefit of ADAS: A Moroccan Case Study, Aouatif Amine, Abdelaziz Bensrhair, Safaa Dafrallah and Stéphane Mousset.
7. Autonomous Vehicle: What Legal Issues?, Axelle Offroy.


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