Nexyad Returns at CES

NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #36, January 19th, 2022


Nexyad returns at CES


Headlines :

– Nexyad CEO Editorial


– Communication of HERE Technologies for CES 2022

– Nexyad is glad to announce two sponsors for DREAMOTOR 1 !

– A new startup is joinging DREAMOTOR 1 with an original modern radar technology

– Presentation of Nextcar and Dreamotor 1 to french media

– New Article in a Fleet Professional media




All NEXYAD members wish you a happy new year 2022



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Nexyad CEO Editorial



We are just coming back from CES Las Vegas. This CES was very interesting:
             . there were much less visitors
             . most large companies were absent (except STELLANTIS in the automotive sector)

It was however by far the best CES for NEXYAD since 2016.
Two main reasons for this:
             . on the one hand NEXYAD is now ready with clear offers available for each road safety market (fleets & insurance, OEMs) and strong references
             . on the other hand, stands were less invaded by curious people so that it made it possible to discuss in a longer and more in-depth manner with key people from the exhibiting companies
We also could have key business discussions with our partner HERE Technologies for USA Business.


Main trend at CES : the arrival of new car OEMs with electric vehicle, e.g. FISKER and VINFAST.
Last but not least, we had the opportunity to have a presention of VSI Labs demo cars.
They seem to be a key partner for NEXYAD on the American market, to shocase our cognitive AI technology solving 3 main issues : Safety Score, Safety Coach, Preventive ACC / AD.
For NEXYAD, it should be the start of our big adventure in the USA.

Gerard, CEO of NEXYAD “We Save Lives”


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January 2022 CES returned to Las Vegas, Nevada. And Nexyad Too. This year saw the opening of the brand new East Pavillon at Convention Center which welcome Automotive section of the CES. The building is huge like usual with several food stands and other commodities. Of course, some space seemed empty because of all the cancellations, but in france we say: “those who runaway are always in the wrong”. Nexyad already gives appointement to 2023 edition with, hopefully, a democar or two in the USA. We will drive then in the streets of Las Vegas to demonstrate our cognitive AI technology SafetyNex: the best safety score/safety coach on the market for the best driving experience ever, safe and serene and also the best preventive ACC/AD. Now, let’s go for an overview of our CES 2022 experience.

Big automakers were missing except Stellantis, the 14 brands group displayed numerous cars in the center of East pavillon. Very impressive stand.


Stellantis is the sixth-largest automaker worldwide. Beside big SUVs and Sedans, we noticed the AMI Citröen a micro electric car that allow to drive urban and countryside roads without licence and Fiat 500 with its funny face which seems to laught.  Stellantis Group owns: Abarth – Alfa Romeo – Chrysler – Citroen – Dodge – DS Automobiles – Fiat – Fiat Professional – Jeep – Lancia – Maserati – Opel – Peugeot – Ram – Vauxhall



Henrik Fisker has presented himself the zero emission SUV Ocean at CES in Las vegas. The Fisker Ocean features the SolarSky, a large solar roof. Thus, the sun’s rays are collected and generate energy which powers the vehicle’s electric motor. The cabin features premium upholstery, floor mats and details made from recycled plastic bottles, reclaimed rubber scrap, used t-shirts and discarded fishing nets from the ocean. See the video of presentation at CES : (15) Facebook Live | Facebook


VinFast is a new OEM that comes to us from Vietnam. Coming from Vingroup in Hanoi, the brand did not hesitate to hire experienced executives from, for example, GM, Pininfarina, and build partnerships with BMW, Magna Steyr, Siemens or Bosch. They presented three new models at CES, and they cover all segments from A to E. The electric SUV brand will soon be marketed in Europe and North America. See the video of EV Day Event: VinFast Global EV Day Event – YouTube

From the left our friend John Cooper, Phil Magney VSI CEO, Gérard and Matthew Linder

VSI Labs drove from Minneapolis Minnesota to Las Vegas (more than 1650 miles !) with their technological jewels. These two labcars are simply amazing, they embark the best of hardware, software and connectivity systems for research and demonstration purposes in the fields of Road safety, ADAS and Autonomous Driving. VSI organizes tours across the United States on the occasion of major events such as ADAS & Autonomous Technology Expo at San Jose (Ca) next march. They are certainly our best next partners in the US.


Nexyad is still very interested by computer vision technologies as we have now distributor in France that integrates our vision algorithmes into valuable product for railway safety: OTN. We found some companies that provide smart dashcams like Movon or Nextbase or Stonkam from Hong Kong, which offers a whole range of artificial vision products such as this rear-view camera systems with image reproduction on interior screens.


At last, this curiosity with an autonomous Indy racing car. We can see here a specimen of these single-seater or no-seater with electronics and artificial intelligence in place of the human pilot. CES organized a competition, the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), on the Las Vegas racetrack with autonomous cars that can reach 175 mph.


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Communication of HERE Technologies for CES 2022 featuring Nexyad


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NEXYAD is glad to announce two sponsors for Dreamotor 1



We will show their logo, colors, and will relay their messages through our participation to events all over Europe in 2022. The commitment of those 2 major industrials of the automotive sector show how important our demo car project is.  




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A new startup is joinging DREAMOTOR 1 with an original modern radar technology


Welcome onboard !  An interview of Greenerwave will soon explain why this technology is a good complement to DREAMOTOR1. Go to Greenerwave website



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Presentation of Nextcar and Dreamotor 1 to french media during the Nextmove day.


The second of december at ESIGELEC in Saint Etienne du Rouvray, the french Automotive & Mobility Cluster NEXTMOVE has organized the presentation of two demo cars involved in Demo ICIM project : NextCar by Nextmove and Dreamotor1 by Nexyad.



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New Article in a Fleet Professional media



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