RainNex (Artificial Rain Machine)

. RainNex™: artificial rain machine that generates an artificial rain statistically similar to natural rains

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RainNex™ is THE ultimate artificial rain machine for car industry and car safety testbench systems. This artificial rain machine allows to generate artificial rain that mimics natural rain : with RainNex™, water flow and size of drops are not necesseraly correlated parameters (as unfortunately they use to be with regular artificial rain machines based on sprinklers or on rolling wheels). This is very important. Indeed, high water flow with small drops and low water flow with big drops both often happen in natural rain. RainNex™ can generate such rain characteristics. Every « Rain head » of RainNex ™ allows to generate one range of calibrated artificial rains with a strong statistical similarity to natural rain.

Statistical similarity to natural rain is measured and proofed : artificial rain machine

– similarity in the air : using a particles counter (this lets you know the size and number of drops in the air + their speed)

– similarity on the windshield : using DropNex™ that detects and counts drops on the windshield, the size of every drop, … and edits statistics. Rain machine.

Using several « rain heads », one can generate quite every kind of rain (one by one or mixed together).

Abacus let you know, for a given « rain head », and for given desired rain characteristics, how to tune the system : pressure, angle, … There is no need to calibrate the system (rain heads are calibrated before we sell them to you). There is no need to « try » tuning parameters (abacus are there to let you know how to tune every parameter).Artificial rain machine natural rain

RainNex™ is the ultimate solution for car industry and car safety testbench systems :

– artificial rain on the windshield to test the wiper systems efficiency rain machine

– artificial rain on the windshield to test rain sensors response rain generator

– artificial rain on the windshield to test on-board artificial vision algorithms efficiency under pouring rain repeatability of natural rain

– artificial rain on capacitive sensors to test their expected or unwanted response to different kinds of rain repeatability of artificial rain

RainNex™ is a very modular and scalable rain machine using as many « rain heads » as you need, allowing you to get reproductable experiment context for your tests : from simple solutions (moving rain heads by hand…) to « total recall » solutions (using motorized robots that move rain heads to recorded locations). RainNex ™ is piloted by a computer through a very compehensive and friendly user interface.

RainNex™ is used by major automotive companies worldwide. Repeatability statistics of natural rain

Rain Heads of the RainNex™ system : every rain head generates a calibrated and reproductable rain very similar to a measured natural rain

Influence of wind on droplets trajectory

Influence of positioning precision on rain flow

Abacus that gives every tuning parameters
(zero calibration or tuning duration !)

Size of drops

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NEXYAD is a high-tech company founded by two engineers Pierre DA SILVA DIAS and Gerard YAHIAOUI in 1995, which has developed innovative and proven methods for the processing of digital data, signals, and images.

The firm’s expertise is applied in four major demanding areas :
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