DropNex (Drops Detection)

. DropNex™ : drops detection and counting on the windshield


DropNex™ is the ultimate system for drops detection on a car windshield : an artificial vision system is focused on the windshield and automatically detects and counts drops : DropNex ™ also measures their size and location and allows you to edit statistics of rain. Detection of rain drops.

DropNex™ can be applied both on real driving scenes (on-board camera recording natural rain) and on a test bench system (measuring artificial rain coming from a rain machine).

DropNex™ is a very useful tool for artificial rain machine validation and tuning (it is important to make sure that artificial rain is statistically similar to natural rain). Rain drops detection on the windshield.

DropNex™ detects rain drops once they are laid on the windshield : it is very different from other systems that measure and count drops « in the air ». Indeed, DropNex ™ was developed for wiper systems test benches applications : the wiper only « sees » drops on the windshield. But size and shape of drops depends both, on size of drops in the air, on droplets speed, and on the windshield surface treatment quality (example : hydrophobic treatment completely changes size and shape of drops on the windshield even if the drops are similar « in the air »). Rain drops detection on car windshield.

DropNex™ is used by major industrials in car manufacturing and sensors development, worldwide.

Drops laid on a windshield
(artificial rain in the Lab)

Drops detection with DropNex™
(artificial rain in the Lab)

Drops detection on real driving scene with DropNex™
(on-board camera)

Statistics of drops computed by DropNexTM

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