Visibility and Image Quality Measurement – VISINEX

VisiNex™ : measurement of the visibility through a windshield (ex : efficiency measurement of wipers)

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The founders of NEXYAD work since the 80’s on brain and human vision mathematical models in order to predict the visibility of military objects.

In 1995, NEXYAD brought this expertise on civil applications to evaluate the visibility for road safety applications.

From this work was conceived a visibility measurement system that takes into account all causes of degradation (rain, fog, frost, smoke, dirt/dust on the windshield, fog, darkness) and all types of visibility retrieval systems (wiping, demisting, defrosting, washing, lighting) to measure visibility lack and retrieval for the driver this is the product VisiNex™.

VisiNex™ is an industrial system that you can install and uninstall very quickly.

VisiNex™ system installs easily in an industrial laboratory, or a production line for quality control, and is in compliance with all industry standards that apply to this type of equipment. NEXYAD has developed rigorous calibration procedures for VisiNex™ to ensure the repeatability after assembly, disassembly, reassembly.

These procedures are simple to implement and provide an operating installation in less than half a day.

VisiNex™ computes a distance of visibility and computes indicators of visibility such as the VQS (Visual Quality Score) that measure the easiness of detecting objects on the road.

These visibility indicators can be used to characterize onboard systems that restore visibility (wiping, demisting, defrosting, washing, lighting, etc) and

systems installed on the road infrastructure, which aims to enhance the visibility (horizontal markings , markup, etc).

VisiNex™ users are the automotive industrials, manufacturers of road infrastructure, and research laboratories in road safety and perception of the infrastructure.

By objectifying the subjective, and providing a quantitative measurement, VisiNex™ saves time, lower development costs, and allows you to improve the performance of your products.

. RainNex™: artificial rain machine that generates an artificial rain statistically similar to natural rains



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. DropNex™ : drops detection and counting on the windshield


– Measurement of image quality and understandability for real world scenes (ad-hoc applications for customers)

In the development of a reproducible test environment for rain sensors VisiNex is used for 1 year for visibility measurements“, Mathias Mannhardt Robert BOSCH GmbH



NEXYAD is a high-tech company founded by two engineers Pierre DA SILVA DIAS and Gerard YAHIAOUI in 1995, which has developed innovative and proven methods for the processing of digital data, signals, and images.

The firm’s expertise is applied in four major demanding areas :
– Automotive and Transportation: NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation
– testing systems and quality control : NEXYAD Testing
– Banking / Insurance, Marketing and Economics: NEXYAD Analytics

– Movie Industry: NEXYAD Visual Effects

NEXYAD is member of French competitive clusters including Mov’eo (Gérard YAHIAOUI is Vice President, Member of the Board of Mov’eo), and Pôle Media.