New Rating by Early Metrics

NEXYAD has just been rated again by the rating agency Early Metrics and got the score of 81/100 which puts us in the top 2% of companies rated by Early Metrics. This rating is primarily for investors.

Early Metrics is an European rating agency of startups and SMEs.

Nexyad 5 stars rating by Early Metrics


Nexyad has just been noted by Early Metrics

Early Metrics, first rating agency for startups gave three stars to NEXYAD.
The audit responded to an external demand by a large industrial company. The founders, the project, the market and the financial statement of NEXYAD were scanned by experts for a score of 75/100.

Note early Metrics

More informations : Early Metrics


NEXYAD à nouveau agréée CIR / CIR label again for NEXYAD

Le Ministère de la Recherche français agrée CIR la société NEXYAD à nouveau, pour les années 2015, 2016, 2017.

French Ministry of Research approved NEXYAD with CIR label, again, for years 2015, 2016, 2017.



NEXYAD recrute deux docteurs dans les secteurs des mathématiques appliquées (signal, images, données).

. Travail sur des programmes de recherche collaborative (type FUI, projets Européens, …)
. Travail sur des programmes de recherche non collaborative interne
. Travail sur le développement de produits de haute technologie

Les domaines sont :

. Vision robotique
. Détection de défauts, contrôle d’aspect, reconnaissance de formes
. Applications embarquées d’aide à la conduite (et véhicule autonome)
. Traitement d’images pour le cinéma
. Statistiques, analyse de données, modèles probabilistes pour le Big Data

Les profils recherchés sont :

. Fort niveau théorique
. Aptitude à concrétiser en pratique (à mettre en œuvre)
. Développement informatique
. Travail en équipe


Contact :, 01 39 04 13 60


NEXYAD is currently recruiting two Ph-D s in the areas of applied mathematics (signal, images, data).

. Work on collaborative research programs (FUI type European projects, …)
. Work on internal non-collaborative research programs
. Work on the development of high-tech products

The areas are:

. Robot vision
. Fault detection, aspect control, pattern recognition
. Embedded applications for driving assistance systems (autonomous vehicle)
. Image processing for movies
. Statistics, data analysis, probability models for Big Data

The profiles are:

. Strong theoretical level
. Ability to achieve in practice (to implement)
. IT development
. Teamwork


Contact:, 01 39 04 13 60


Internet of Objects for Testing Applications

Connected sensors (temperature, pressure, image, IR, …) can now be deployed without any tough work in manufactures, shops, agencies, … in order to :

. Detect defects and control quality (wing to wing global control for every single good, from
manufacturing to saling)
. Count
. Detect frauds

Today, 15 billion connected objects are already running, and forecast is 100 billion connected objects in 2020. It may be the second industrial revolution.

Business of integrators (firms that put together several technical objects, connect them together, and link them in an intelligent way to build a new technical object or a system) should dramatically change in the next 5 or 10 years, as the internet may make integration so easy that major trademarks would make it themselves.

To be continued …


Nexyad was at the EDF / innovative SMEs day at the “Maison de la Chimie” in Paris ( January 7, 2015 )

Nexyad was invited at the Meeting day organized by EDF for High Tech SMEs. The purpose was explaning EDF expectations to SMEs and was organizing workshops focused on possible collaborations.

Nexyad participated in the Digital Innovation workshop.

We wrote a report about this session on the blog of the Groupement INI (Intégration du Numérique dans l’Industrie = integration of digital technologies into industry) :

The main focus of this session was “IOT” (Internet of Objects” and connected objects for industrial applications.

Those connected objects are used both for solving physical problems, measuring, testing, etc … and for feeding data bases with physical data and information.

This connection of real physical world with the internet data bases will allow to develop new business models for industrial applications.

To read more :


Skin care application

NEXYAD was with the compant CARLIPA on the “salon maketing point de vente” to show skin care application using a camera.



NEXYAD Testing team (applied maths for testing and quality control applications / pattern recognition applications) wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015


New testing application for TOYOTA (October 13 – 17, 2014)

NEXYAD is currently working on new testing projects for TOYOTA MOTOR EUROPE.


New release of VisiNex (visibility measurement)

Nexyad launched their new release of VisiNex (Visibility measurement). VisiNex is used by industrials to test efficiency of visibility recovery devices (wipers, lighting, demist, defrost, …). Now the VisiNex system is also available for non automotive applications (tram, train, airport, …) with specific configurations.

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