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Automated Color Grading : New Nexyad Skin « Dark & Cold »

Nexyad « Dark and Cold » Skin automated color grading, suits very well for scene of genre films like vampires, scaries, fantastic, heroic fantasy, zombies, end of world, post ww3, etc… Principle is in title : render images dark and cold. Very useful for scenes at night, outside or inside. One can find this kind of ambiance in Underworld Series, Van Helsing, etc.

Technology Demo NEXYAD Skin "Dark & Cold" 01 from NEXYAD on Vimeo.

What is a Nexyad Skin ?

The Nexyad Skins are based on a high technology combining image analysis, human visual perception analysis, image processing and color theories of great picturial movements. Whatever the incoming images (rushes or already modified) the application of our Skins generates a final rendering with the selected colors positioned where we wish.
Our skins are not LUT and it do not need any human intervention.


Automated Color Grading in the Cloud and Cellphones

NEXYAD announced that their new artificial intelligence-based technology for automatic color grading will be available within 3 months on smart phones.
With the NEXYAD Skins, no matter the dynamics of you sensor, no matter color saturations, no matter the original colors of the scene, you choose an harmony of colors (for instance, teal & orange, Green & pink, golden, etc …) and you click.
Pictures of you video will be automatically transformed in order to fit in the expected render.

The NEXYAD skins will be also available (via a NEXYAD cloud) worldwide for professionals of movie post production : upload of your images, selection of the NEXYAD skin (with few tuning parameters easy to tune) for every sequence, … the nit will be easy to validate on small images, and push render …
After processing, download of your color graded images. The goal is to give back the crucial task of color grading in the hands of the artistic team (and especially the Film Director).

NEXYAD decided to make it available first to everyone on smartphones (of course, professionals will have more choice and tuning parameters).

Image processing is NOT a LUT : several adaptive processings are piloted by artificial intelligence and neural networks-based non linear decision making systems.

This is a true revolution in color grading.

NEXYAD Skins will run on :
. Android (OS proposed by Google)
. IOS (OS proposed on iPhones by Apple)
. Windows Phone (OS proposed on Lumia by Microsoft)

Examples of beautiful renders automatically obtained, pushing a button :

Teal & Orange

Green & Orange

Steel & Pink




Nexyad Visual-Effects Newsletter #13 is available

Automated Color Grading
in the Cloud and Cellphones

Summary :

Automated Color Grading : New Nexyad Skin « Dark & Cold »
Nexyad Skins in the Cloud and Cellphones
Nexyad Visual-Effets in Media

Nexyad Visual-Effects Newsletter #13 is available here :