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Understanding the Meaning of Colors in Color Psychology

The meaning of colors can vary depending on culture and circumstances.

Each color has many aspects to it but you can easily learn the language of color by understanding a few simple concepts which I will teach you here.


Color is a form of non verbal communication. It is not a static energy and its meaning can change from one day to the next with any individual – it all depends on what energy they are expressing at that point in time.

For example, a person may choose to wear red on a particular day and this may indicate that this is their favorite (personality) color, orthey are ready to take action, or they may be passionate about what they are going to be doing that day, or again it may mean that they are feeling angry that day, on either a conscious or subconscious level. All are traits of the color red.


Red is the color of energy, passion, action, ambition and determination. It is also the color of anger and sexual passion.

For more on the meaning of colors for the color red

To read more : http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/meaning-of-colors.html

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