Nexyad Automatic Color Grading to Reproduce Hollywood Look

NEXYAD Visual Effects Newsletter #20, April 11th 2017

Nexyad Skin « Yellow & Green »

What is a Nexyad Skin ?
The Nexyad Skins are based on a high technology combining image analysis, human visual perception analysis, image processing and color theories of great picturial movements. Whatever the incoming images (rushes or already modified) the application of our Skins generates a final rendering with the selected colors positioned where we wish. The all process is digital.
Our skins are not LUT and it do not need any human intervention. Job is done in one click.

Yellow and green are just beside on the color Wheel, in fact they merge from one to the other. But even combined all together one can keep a good contrast. This Nexyad Skin does not remove the other colors in image, but it rotate them enough to make all agree to each others. So we apply the green on the background and the shadows and the yellow for the characters skins because it is possible. Yellow can have two different significations: the good one for golden, sunny and rich color; or the bad one that means treachery, lying and deceit. Green has the distinction of being perfectly perceived by the human eye as « green » even if it is extremely light or dark. In psychology we can nevertheless distinguish two greens: green apple or green pulling to yellow that gives a positive feeling of fullness and youth (it’s the one that we took for demos films); and contrariwise dark green that is perceived as negative or even maleficent.

Technology Demo NEXYAD Skin "Yellow & Green" 01 from NEXYAD on Vimeo.

Technology Demo NEXYAD Skin "Yellow & Green" 02 from NEXYAD on Vimeo.

SNCF Conference Gerard Yahiaoui
« Goya’s Ghost » directed by Miloš Forman for quote.

BtoB Day at Pôle Media Grand Paris

The 5th BtoB day of the Cluster took place on Thursday 16th March 2017 at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris Nord, supported by AUDIENS, BCE and Quantum.
As in previous editions, members had the opportunity to pitch their activity and present their latest novelties, the Cluster presented its financial partners, which members was able to meet. This day was marked by an exchange during a networking lunch and personalized BtoB appointments.
The aim was to bring together companies involved in transmedia production and new formats, whether they produce content or technical solutions, in order to promote a commercial (product and technological) offer, to look for commercial and technological partnerships or Opportunities for co-production.
As member of the cluster, Nexyad came to present the Nexyad Skins to the audience.

Gerard Yahiaoui presenting Nexyad Skins
Gerard Yahiaoui presenting Nexyad Skins at Pôle Media

Previous Nexyad Skins

Sample of available Nexyad Skins

                          OLD FASHION                                                             TEAL & ORANGE

                         SHINY OCHER                                                            WARM BROWN

                              GOLDEN                                                                   SOFT SUNNY

                          STEEL & PINK                                                                  COLORFUL

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