Nexyad Ultimate Denoising

Nexyad has developed a powerful denoiser tool that does not produce other artifacts and eliminates debayering’s problems. About 95 to 99% of electronic noise disappears, the images are much more beautiful and lose their draft and « spiky » appearance.

Do not hesitate to enlarge the video.

Nexyad Denoiser Film Demo from NEXYAD on Vimeo.

All digital cameras produce electronic noise. The less light it is while filming, the more noise in images. During images capture, the more heat, the more camera heating, the more noise … This common artifact is unsightly and may trouble understanding of a scene since its movement attracts the audience’s eye . Noise also may not be visible with naked eye, but nevertheless be present; therefore it rise to the surface in post production when the luminance or saturation will be seriously worked. It is the reason why some productions prefer not to touch the images, which almost give « raw capture » movies or TV shows ; rarely competitive in term of render.