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Our objective is to provide the most effective and cheap solutions

NEXYAD Visual Effects ™ Teams go beyond the bad compromise between the three main types of work referred to as « restoration » : pure restoration work willing to reshape the film the closest to its original state, historical restoration work integrating the experience of the film support, remastering business for television channels .

For NEXYAD Visual Effects ™ reducing costs is, with you, deciding on the most important mitigate defects and features to maintain and adjust the numerical methods or developping new ones to exceed the state of the art of standard reference softwares.

For NEXYAD Visual Effects ™ intensifying the viewer’s experience , is bringing you our recognized sensory modeling skills ( human vision system , psychoacoustic ) in order to maximize the quality of the cinematographic work perceived by the viewer in respect of its original intent (for films, but also in for SD -> HD video remastering).

A methodology and better tools

Scratches, stabilization of the film and of words , vertical stripes quasi- stable , fungus, mold , chemical sails, deformation of the film and withdrawal , and turn magenta tinting , video enhancement SD to HD , image denoising .

– Preparation with the Owner or the Distributor to define precisely the type of job.

– Full support of the work : the search for physical copies , inventory , physical cleaning using proven methods , scanning with the best techniques , high level digital restoration, developing the necessary specific methods, generation of PAD ( FAD PAD TV …) and back to film.

– Technique: support for all sizes (HD, 2k, 4k , 5k or more scan ) all formats ( DPX , DPX log, 16-bit tiff , … ) of all color spaces and 3D LUTs way. all formats ( DPX , DPX log, 16-bit TIFF , and raw Bayer filters , … ) of all color spaces and 3D LUTs


NEXYAD is a high-tech company founded by two engineers Pierre DA SILVA DIAS and Gerard YAHIAOUI in 1995, which has developed innovative and proven methods for the processing of digital data, signals, and images.

The firm’s expertise is applied in four major demanding areas :
– Automotive and Transportation: NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation
– testing systems and quality control : NEXYAD Testing
– Banking / Insurance, Marketing and Economics: NEXYAD Analytics

– Movie Industry: NEXYAD Visual Effects

NEXYAD is member of French competitive clusters including Mov’eo (Gérard YAHIAOUI is Vice President, Member of the Board of Mov’eo), and Pôle Media.