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Interesting paper about psychology & color

How Emotions Influence Color Preference


HAAS School of Business
University of California Berkeley

« This paper examines how an individual’s emotional state influences his or her preferences for colors that have either congruent or incongruent emotional tones. Based on the emotion literature, three alternative hypotheses are contrasted: emotion-judgment congruence, emotion-target congruence, and emotion-target incongruence. Evidence of emotion-target congruence is observed—Experiments 1 and 2. This effect, however, is moderated by emotion specificity and the type of colored object. Attitudinal commitment is proposed as the key underlying mechanism. When the negative emotional reaction reflects a committed (notcommitted) attitude toward the situation, the emotion-target congruence (incongruence) effect occurs—Experiment 3. Similarly, emotion-target congruence takes place (disappears) when the colored object signals (does not signal) people’s attitudes and tastes—Experiment 4. The paper concludes with a discussion on how the proposed mechanism can explain part of the
inconsistencies previously observed in the emotion and aesthetics literature.

To read the entire paper : « » title= »How emotions influence color preference »


Nexyad in Sciences et Avenir

Sciences et avenir

« La seconde jeunesse des films ».

A l’occasion du 120e anniversaire de la première projection publique payante, tour d’horizon des techniques informatiques qui permettent de restaurer les chefs-d’oeuvre du 7e art malmenés par le temps.

« Mais il existe des méthodes plus poussées. La société Nexyad a été chargée en 2013 de retrouver les couleurs originelles d’un film philippin (1975) et de faire des recherches sur le grain de La Belle et la Bête, de Jean Cocteau (1946). Elle travaille sur la structure mathématique du fichier.
« Nous partons d’une image composée de pixels pour en faire un modèle, un espace mathématique. Par exemple, on prend un pixel et on le suit dans le temps pour chercher la cohérence », explique le P-DG de la société Gérard Yahiaoui, même si, de son propre aveu, cette méthode plus scientifique qu’artistique déroute un peu le milieu. »

N° 827 – Janvier 2016 – Sciences et Avenir


(pour mémoire le film philippin se trouve être le premier film national en couleur « Gina Uhaw Ako »)
« Gina Uhaw Ako » image restauration by Nexyad


Nexyad is not the only one to say so…

The Power Of Color Grading And The Benefit It Can Have On Your Work

by David Geffin

If you aren’t applying any color grading to either your photographs or motion work, you are potentially missing a vital part of the process of finalizing your image. Color grading can be one of the most impactful tweaks you can make to your work once it’s been shot. It has the potential to elevate a good image to great, or a great image to outstanding. This short video and article highlights why it’s so important and the powerful impact it can have on your work.

This little-over-two-minute-long video shows excerpts of the independent movie, ‘The House On Pine Street’. The film was graded by Taylre Jones at Grade, and he’s demonstrated brilliantly how the original footage stacks up against the color graded footage looks compared to it. If you’re in any doubt over the power that properly grading your work can have, you have to check this out.

Before Color Grading

After Color Grading

To read more :

NEXYAD has been developing a new technology for color grading « The NEXYAD Skins » that lets you apply complex color grading processing in pushing ONE button (adaptive and automatic color grading), see also :



NEXYAD announced that their new artificial intelligence –based technology for automatic color grading will be available within 3 months on smart phones.
With the NEXYAD Skins, no matter the dynamics of you sensor, no matter color saturations, no matter the original colors of the scene, you choose an harmony of colors (for instance, teal & orange, Green & pink, golden, etc …) and you click.
Pictures of you video will be automatically transformed in order to fit in the expected render.

This technology will be available (via a NEXYAD cloud) worldwide, for professionals of movie post production, but NEXYAD decided to make it available first to everyone on smartphones (of course, professionals will have more choice and tuning parameters).

Image processing is NOT a LUT : several adaptive processings are piloted by artificial intelligence and neural networks-based non linear decision making systems.

This is a true revolution in color grading.

NEXYAD Skins will run on :
. Android (OS proposed by Google)
. IOS (OS proposed on iPhones by Apple)
. Windows Phone (OS proposed on Lumia by Microsoft)

Examples of beautiful renders automatically obtained, pushing a button :

Teal & Orange

Green & Orange

Steel & Pink



To read more about the NEXYAD skins, our newsletter :


News about Color Theory for movies in Nexyad Color Grade Blog

NEXYAD Intelligence : color theory for movies

NEXYAD (firm that developed automatic and adaptive color grading modules – the NEXYAD skins – ) brings you more information from all over the world about color use in movies.

By Isaac Botkin

At this year’s San Antonio Film Academy, I gave two lectures on three Cs of cinematography, composition, contrast, and color. Color is often overlooked by beginning DPs, and it is an extremely powerful tool. I described color in cinematography as “the use of analogous or complimentary color tones to create contrasts between elements in the frame and communicate emotional ideas to the audience.”


To read more :


NEXYAD on the SREEN4ALL symposium in Paris, France

Presentation of the unique NEXYAD technology for automatic color grading : the Nexyad Skins.


NEXYAD colour grading technologies presented on the magazine SONOVISION Broadcast.

NEXYAD colour grading technologies presented on the magazine SONOVISION Broadcast :

NEXYAD developed a new way to automate color grading using their “NEXYAD SKINS” that propose famous painter and famous movies color grading renders … whatever you shooting look like (strong color transformation, chords of colors : Kandinsky and Bahaus color chords, …).

Article part 1 (PDF)
Article part 2 (PDF)


New colour grading Skins available

NEXYAD develops colour grading skins. 10 new colour grading skins are available. Contact NEXYAD for your next post production project (movie, tv series, short film, advertising).


25 Juin 2014 : ETALONNAGE : NEXYAD présente la technologie des NEXYAD Skins au pôle MEDIA Grand Paris / COLOR GRADING : Presentation of the NEXYAD Skins technology by NEXYAD at the pôle MEDIA Grand Paris

25 Juin 2014 : ETALONNAGE : NEXYAD présente la technologie des NEXYAD Skins au pôle MEDIA Grand Paris /
COLOR GRADING : Presentation of the NEXYAD Skins technology by NEXYAD at the pôle MEDIA Grand Paris


NEXYAD will present their technology for Color Grading : NEXYAD Skins


Photo de la fiche du pôle media


Link :


Digital video post processing for complex color calibration (September 21, 2010)

NEXYAD developed a new release of their digital image post processing module for smart calibration including complex colour selection (example : turn everything in black and white, except the green and the red colours that should remain the same as they are in the original take, …).

More information here (PDF file).

Plus d’information ici (fichier PDF).

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