Onboard Driving Risk Assessment
in Real Time

Why SafetyNex is a disruptive and different product ?

SafetyNex is a thermometer of risk in driving (riskmeter)!
SafetyNex measure the risk each second, then when the risk exceeds a specific threshold, it alerts the driver.
(alike an alert of danger in a nuclear plant when the temperature exceeds a specific threshold).
This measurement of the risk allows SafetyNex to give :

. the risk taken consciously by the driver
. the expertise of the driver
. the lack of anticipation of the driver

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Functionalities of SafetyNex :


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SafetyNex Demo Videos (click to play)

Onboard with SafetyNex App              Understanding the Concept of Risk


Voir la version française de la démo                                        Voir la version française de la vidéo

The Driver Assistance System            The Car Insurer’s Choice


Voir la version française de la vidéo                                        Voir la version française de la vidéo

SafetyNex for Driving Assistant,        Your Eyes and Yours ADAS Sensors ADAS & Autonomous Driving             are not Enough


Rainy Curve use case                            Tighty Curve use case


Priority use case                                     Stop Sign use case


Pedestrians Crossing use case

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SafetyNex Awards

BFMTV BMW NEXYADBMW Techdate - Nexyad SafetyNex Laureat
  Serge Naudin CEO of BMW Group France & Gérard Yahiaoui CEO of Nexyad on the Major French TV BFM Business
  SafetyNex was selected by BMW during BMW TechDate for its ability to estimate driving risk in real time.

Cercle LABCoup de Coeur des Assureurs - Cercle LAB
  French Insurance “Coup de Cœur” (crush) Special Prize november 30th 2016 Cercle LAB
  Cercle LAB is a crossroads of professional exchanges for insurance and financial services

Pôle Finance InnovationNexyad SafetyNex - Label Finance Innovation
  Pôle FINANCE INNOVATION gave the FinTech label to the driving risk assessment smartphone App SafetyNex, and   NEXYAD won the « best pitch prize » for Insurance (Jury made of Bankers and Insurers)

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Papers that fully explain SafetyNex with references (click the links) :

. Estimation of driver’s expertise, of risk taken conciously by the driver, and of the lack of anticipation and misunderstanding of the road
. SafetyNex Risk Profiles Analysis
. Deployment of SafetyNex by Insurance Companies: Return On Investment (ROI)
. SafetyNex App Revolutionizes Road Safety
. SafetyNex reduces road accident rate by 20%
. Deep changes in the business of Car Insurance: SafetyNex can help
. Car telematics and respect for privacy using SafetyNex
. THE ultimate solution for real time onboard driving risk assessment: SafetyNex

. SafetyNex et l’obligation de dépenses en actions de Prévention Routière
. Estimation de l’expertise en conduite, du risque pris consciemment par le conducteur, et du manque d’anticipation des difficultés et de la mauvaise compréhension de la route
. Analyse des profils de risque en conduite estimés par SafetyNex
. Déploiement de SafetyNex par un assureur: Retour sur Investissement
. SafetyNex: une Révolution pour la Sécurité Routière
. SafetyNex réduit de 20% le nombre d’accidents de la route
. Modification profonde du métier de l’assurance auto: les apports de SafetyNex
. La télématique embarquée et le respect des libertés individuelles (CNIL) avec SafetyNex
. LA solution d’estimation temps réel embarquée du risque de conduite: SafetyNex

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SafetyNex for Smartphones App comprehensive HMI (Samples of Screens and Vocal Alerts) :

SafetyNex estimates in real time the driving risk and alerts you if this risk is too high, letting you time to slow down.
If risk is low, you see a green circle (and no vocal alert). If risk is medium (and you can adjust your level of medium alert), then circle is orange and there is a Beep sound. If risk is high (level is not adjustable), circle is red and a vocal alert warns you.
Risk profiles, and usage profiles are recorded, and at the end of every trip you may win a prize (GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE).
And you have access to your stats.

Audio Click to listen to some English vocal Alerts – also available in YOUR language)

SafetyNex HMI samples

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SafetyNex comparison with other telematics solutions :

(check criteria and describe other solutions you may know)

Click to enlarge

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SafetyNex : Risk Profiles and Usage Profiles automatically on the Cloud:

SafetyNex Data Risk Profile

. Click to see samples of Risk Profile and Usage Profile
. Cliquer pour voir des exemples de profils de risque et profils d’usage

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SafetyNex can be integrated inside YOUR smartphone App or inside YOUR telematics/connected car device :

Indeed, SafetyNex is also available as an API (IOS, Android, Windows, Linux).
Complete documentation of integration available on demand.

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User Guide

. Français
. English

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