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Our Mission

We believe that saving lives is an important mission.

NEXYAD has been focusing on deep tech R&D to bring to market a new Artificial Intelligence technology that can save hundreds of thousand lives on roads by avoiding millions of accidents.

This applies to telematics for fleets and insurance companies, OEMs next generation ADAS, and upcoming autonomous vehicles. This is who we are.



We Save Lives

NEXYAD Commitment

We are a deep tech team. We propose on-board embedded real time artificial intelligence software modules for a better road safety.

Our AI modules:
. work in the real world
. already have strong customers references
. run in standard hardware architectures (from smartphones to car computers)
. can generate valuable data for customers, some generated data are geolocated and may enhance maps power for safe mobility

We serve our customers with a high level of involvement, quality, reliability, reactivity, and performance.

We will always be there to help you making roads safer for everyone.

We Save Lives

Applications of our Onboard Road Safety Technology


Onboard Functionality
Our technology monitors both driving behaviour AND driving context, and we detect any mismatch between those two elements. Mismatch is considered as lack of caution, that we call driving risk. This is done onboard in real time 20 times per second.
With this definition we assess driving risk
and also setpoint vehicle speed that guaranties a risk under a max accepted value.
Allows to cancel happening of emergency situations in the near future, like in a road safety « minority report ».
Main Applications
. Telematics that reduces accident rate by more than 20% to 25% then that drives down operating costs for fleets and reduces number of claims for insurers
. Recording of validated risk and driver’s behavior data
. Connected vehicle, that reduces TCO
. Cockpit HMI ISA complement
. Intelligent Predictive ACC that keeps risk at low level (risk-driven ACC)
. Awareness of risk for AD system
. Validation of Artificial Intelligence-based driving behaviour of self-driving vehicle
Deployment starting

car Motorcycle Truck Bus Autonomous Shuttle Tramway

Already Deployed by Fleets

Global Risk Management


  • Reduce accident rate by 25% at low cost (social road safety impact)
  • Reduce costs of operations by 20% : save days out of work, cost of repair and medical care
  • Reduce insurance premium
  • Improve driver coaching : alerts during driving, after trip coaching
  • Record real risk data stats validated by major insurance companies

Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

Already Deployed by Insurers

  • Reduce accident rate by 25% at low cost (social road safety impact)
  • Reduce number of claims (less accidents)
  • Reduce costs of claims (less severe injuries and fatalities)
  • Record contextualized risk profiles and usage profiles for you data scientists
  • Digitalize your relationship and communication with policy holders

Already under integration
for Car Manufacturers

Advanced Cockpit HMI

  • Trigger alerts to driver with risk value
  • Modulate advanced HMI solutions (sound, light, haptic) with risk situation
  • Bring anticipation to driver and improve comfort
  • Improve safety


  • Pilot intelligent ACC with speed value that keeps driving risk under a max accepted value
  • Bring anticipation to vehicle and improve compfort
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Record risk profiles to communicate with motor insurance companies

Autonomous Driving

  • Make AD system « aware » of the driving risk it is taking
  • Make Autonomous Vehicle adaptive to risk and then adaptive to unknown situations (go from level 3 to level 5)
  • Improve comfort and safety
  • Record real risk profiles and usage profile to show insurers they can cop with your self-driving vehicle
  • Modulate aggressiveness of self-driving vehicle to let it drive with human drivers


Recordable Data of Risk & Usage


Our Integrators

Pioneer Brightmile Montbleu OTN
  • Smartphone App
  • Beacon device
  • Dashcam
  • Embedded hardware
  • Smartphone App
  • Smartphone App
  • Embedded Hardware for railway


Contact us : sales@nexyad.net