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Nexyad present with Groupement ADAS at Equip’Auto 2017

Equip'Auto_Groupement ADAS

Nexyad was present with Groupement ADAS at Equip’Auto Congress in Paris. Groupement ADAS is a SME’s cluster : 10 companies with expertise in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Connected car and Autonomous vehicle. Philippe Orvain CEO of Nomadic Solutions and competitiveness cluster MOV’EO Vice President has responsed to journalist Laurent Meillaud on Congress TV channel.

Watch Philippe Orvain interview on the congress channel with SafetyNex video demo :


Nexyad present at EQUIP’AUTO with Groupement ADAS


Come to visit Groupement ADAS booth with NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation at Equip’Auto Symposium in Paris, Porte de Versailles.


Nexyad at Imagine Mobility Forum 2017

The 1st of june, Nexyad and Groupement ADAS shared a booth at Imagine Mobility Forum 2017. This event organized by the competitivity cluster MOV’EO is located in the Engineer school ESTACA at Montigny le Bretonneux.

Imagine Mobility Forum 2017
Interview of Gérard Yahiaoui, Nexyad CEO


ADAS Morning – ADAS & Sécurité Routière

Adas Morning 18 Octobre 2016

8h30: Accueil à la CCIP 2 rue de Viarmes, Paris 1er.


Claude Dumas – CEREMH 
Christophe Ramond – Prévention Routière
Franck Techer – IFFSTAR
Patrick Oberto – Promotion et Suivi de la Sécurité Routière en Entreprise
Philippe Caton – COVEA
Jean Zermati – ORANGE 
Philippe Chrétien – CEESAR 
Eric Violette – CEREMA 
Gérard Yahiaoui – NEXYAD
Stéphane Barbier – TRANSPOLIS

12h: Cocktail

Avec les sociétés : Car&D, GlobalSensing Technologies, Intempora, Nexyad, Nomadic Solutions, Sherpa Engineering & Transpolis


Second and last day in Munich at Active Safety Congress

Active Safety Europe : ADAS to Autonomous.

Lot’s of visitors yesterday and many contacts for Nexyad.
Today Nicolas du LAC CEO of Intempora and member of Groupement ADAS make a presentation for the congressmen : ADAS Validation: non-deterministic algorithms vs ISO-26262
Number crunching technologies and non-deterministic algorithms (image processing, neural networks, data fusion…) are taking in charge more and more functions and driving tasks in vehicles. Autonomous vehicles will be based on many of these. How to validate such functions when facing such different possible driving scenarios ?

Nicolas Dulac Intempora
Our colleague Nicolas du LAC of Groupement ADAS (SME’s cluster)


NEXYAD & INTEMPORA members of Groupement ADAS in Munich

Today Nexyad & Intempora are present in Munich at the European Active Safety Congress and Exhibition : ADAS to Autonomous. The both companies share a booth sponsorised by Moveo and Groupement ADAS (cluster).

Active Safety Munich
Here Gerard Yahiaoui, Nexyad CEO, and Philippe Lebon of Intempora on the right.


“Groupement ADAS” Blog published a paper from Gérard Yahiaoui NEXYAD

“Validation of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems” a paper from Gérard Yahiaoui NEXYAD and Nicolas Dulac INTEMPORA was published by the french cluster “Groupement ADAS” on his site : HERE
Road & Obstacle Detection Montain


RoadNex V2.0 (new film demo on a deep forest road without markings)

NEXYAD is proud to show a demo film of the RoadNex V2.0 (by NEXYAD) module (road detection in front of a vehicle).

This module runs as a component of the framework RT-MAPS (by INTEMPORA), and can recognize the road with or without white lines : even European countryside roads are detected.

RoadNex may be used for developing ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and Autonomous Vehicles.

In this demo, the road has got no markings at all, and is quite dark. RoadNex still works in this king of road.


RoadNex is presented on the blog of the “Groupemant ADAS”

RoadNex is presented on the blog of the “Groupemant ADAS”.



NEXYAD vision-based ADAS modules for a demo car of “Université de Haute Alsace”

NEXYAD delivered a camera and two high-tech software modules :
. RoadNex : vision-based road detection in front of a car (for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles)
. ObstaNex : vision and inertial navigation – based obstacle detection (for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles)

Those two modules are integrated as component into the real time environment RT-MAPS (Intempora), and communicate with de neural network – based pattern recognition module Neuro-RBF (GlobalSensing Technologies).

NEXYAD will support Université de Haute Alsace during 2015 to integrate ObstaNex with their intertial
navigation unit.

NB : the 3 companies Nexyad, Intempora, GlobalSensing Technologies are members of the Mov’eo Groupement ADAS :


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