Intelligent Mobility

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“A long time ago, I had a car accident, I didn’t see the small street to my left, or I thought maybe I had the priority, hard to say, but I hit the other car very loud. The noise scared me. My legs were shaking, I walked out, with my heart pounding. My vision was blurry. It was a young woman in the other vehicle, shocked, she couldn’t believe we had been in an accident. She kept repeating that she was sorry, that she hadn’t seen me.
Luckily like me, she had no injury. Our vehicles were broken, we were both like robots, looking for our accident report forms. And I thought to myself – ‘what if someone or something just warned us, told both of us to slow down, to be more prudent, just BEFORE this tricky intersection!’
This is why many years after, NEXYAD has developed an eXplanable Composite Physics-Informed AI technology, one of a kind, that helps prevent accidents by bringing anticipation skills to both human driver and autonomous vehicle. This AI is now considered as a paradigm shift for safe driving, involving a unique prudence assessment-based function, to solve fleets and insurance telematics issues, and to divide by 100 complexity of modern ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle architectures. We Save Lives, and we are proud of it. »

Gerard, CEO of NEXYAD


Driven by Prudence Products

Nexyad has developed an expertise in road safety thanks to 12 collaborative research programs
We propose a metric of prudence estimated in real time for anticipation
First Class customers integrate our first class solutions to reduce complexity


Prudence Based Automated Driving

We accelerate development and simplify architecture of Automated driving. We cancelled complexity by a 100 factor.
It reduces CPU load and Energy consumption. It also simplifies tests and validation.
Time to market is shorten for Preventive ACC, Mission Planner, Automated Driving L1, L2, L2 hands-off, L3 and L4.
Our products are ready for SDV and compatible with simulation.

BYOD Solutions (Fleets)

Bring Your Own Device !
We bring the notion of prudence in unique nomadic tools. Drivers can be helped/alerted during trip with 4 to 10 seconds before difficulties in order for them, passengers and others stay safe.
Companies and Fleets can provide Safety and Welfare to their staff. This enhance Societal Responsability, and reduce both TCO and operating costs.



Perception Products

Cost Effective Toolkit for Detection
Tunable for your Applications
Used by Autonomous Shuttles and Tramways


AI Factory Products

Our 150 lines of C++ Code allow us
to apply the Best AI Algorithmes
with high Liability


Intelligent Perception

We propose three computer vision softwares and one lidar understanding software:

  • LidarNex for on board obstacles detection
  • VisiNex for on board Visibility Measurement
  • RoadNex for on board road detection (surface and edges)
  • ObstaNex for on board objects recognition (cam alone or fusioned with lidar)


AI Services for Mobility

We provide high value AI Services thanks to our long time experience and unique assets and tools developed since 1995.



Our Vision for the Future



Intelligent Mobility
Roundtable at Mondial de l’Auto, Paris From the left: Lionel ROSSO, Journalist; Pierre MAILLOT, VP at Heex Technologies; Michel FORISSIER, former CEMO at Valeo;  Vincent ABADIE, VP ADAS and Autonomous Driving at Stellantis; Gérard YAHIAOUI, CEO of Nexyad

Intelligent Mobility
Nexyad Autonomous Vehicle Dreamotor1 in Demonstration at Le Havre


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