Monthly Archive: April 2014


Research program SERA labelised by the French competitivenes cluster Mov’eo/Labellisation du projet SERA par le pôle de compétitivité Mov’eo

NEXYAD is proud to announce that the research program SERA has been labelised by the French competitiveness cluster Mov’eo. This program, driven by Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics industry, aims to develop new generation Head-Up-Displays.. In this research project, NEXYAD is in charge of detection based on sterevision.


Gérard YAHIAOUI presents the INI Groupment at the French Government Meeting : PLAN NOUVELLE FRANCE INDUSTRIELLE ‘VEHICULE AUTONOME” (“Plan for new industrial France “autonomous vehicle”)

Gérard YAHIAOUI, President CEO of NEXYAD, presents the Mov’eo Groupment INI (Intégration du Numérique pour l’Industrie : Integration of Digital Technologies for Industry).

This presentation shows demo cars development platform (for autonomous vehicle) proposed by this cluster of high-tech SMEs. The presentation is made in collaboration with the President CEO of ADM Concept, Dominique MOCQUARD. This presentation is organized by DGCIS at RENAULT location in Guyancourt.


NEXYAD at the meeting of Mov’eo Groupement ADAS

NEXYAD is member of the Groupement ADAS and meets all the partners. Meeting is at SHERPA Engineering location (La Garenne Colombes).

This Mov’eo Groupement works on Autonomous Vehicle demo cars and ADAS developments.

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