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ADAS demonstration (March 31, 2011)

NEXYAD demonstrated a result of the research program MERIT at the members day of the Competitive Cluster Mov’eo :
onboard road recognition, visibility measurement, obstacle detection, and road safety level estimation … implanted into a 3G mobile phone (Android OS)


Scientific paper introducing a work on grip/adherence measurement : Estimateur embarqué de l’adhérence disponible (June 14, 2005)

The paper « Estimateur embarqué de l’adhérence disponible » is presented at the congres DYNAMIQUE DU VEHICULE ET CONFORT DE SUSPENSION (13ème congrès International, à l’Ecole Centrale de Lyon).

Writers are : Gilles SCHAEFER – SERA-CD, Daniel LECHNER – INRETS, Gérard YAHIAOUI – NEXYAD SA, Jean-Pierre COLINOT – PSA Peugeot Citroën

Link: http://www.sia.fr/files/evenement/onglet/344/manif_plaq_344.pdf