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New Rating by Early Metrics

NEXYAD has just been rated again by the rating agency Early Metrics and got the score of 81/100 which puts us in the top 2% of companies rated by Early Metrics. This rating is primarily for investors.

Early Metrics is an European rating agency of startups and SMEs.

Nexyad 5 stars rating by Early Metrics


NEXYAD new award :
Champion SME (PME championne) of the French cluster MOV’EO

NEXYAD is proud to announce that MOV’EO selected NEXYAD to be one of their CHAMPION high tech SMEs
(PME championne du pôle de compétitivité MOV’EO).

” we are very proud to get this award from MOV’EO that works hard for high tech SMEs development” said Gerard YAHIAOUI, CEO of NEXYAD. “We participated to the MOV’EO mission at CES 2017 in LasVegas, with Business France, and for us, it is already a success”. “This new award will give us more exposure and for a High-Tech SME it is always a good thing”.


“Nous sommes très fiers d’obtenir cette récompense de MOV’EO qui œuvre pour le développement des PME de hautes technologies dans le secteur de la mobilité. Nous avons participé à la la mission CES 2017 à Las Vegas, avec Business France, et pour Nexyad, c’est déjà un succès. Cette nouvelle récompense nous apporte plus d’exposition et pour une PME de High-Tech c’est toujours une bonne chose.” a déclaré Gérard Yahiaoui le P-DG de Nexyad.


Proceedings of the 2014 CESA

General Information

Nexyad was at the CESA Congress (organized by sia) on 3 and 4 December 2014.

Our presence was at three levels:
. Participation in the round table on the development of ADAS
. Publication on a methodology for validating adas (ADAS validation)
. Presence on the booth ADAS Mov’eo Group

The congres was full of contributions, and main important points we noticed are:

. Emergence of new business models opportunities for high-tech SMEs technology in the world of ADAS
. Strong awareness of the need for ADAS test and validation methodology
. Emergence of highly structured sensors strategies for classifying

ADAS in terms of features, cost, operating range, robustness, …

. Round table

Participants in the roundtable were:
. Maria Belen Aranda Colas, Robert Bosch
. Ching-Yao Chang, University of Berkeley
. Thierry Lehay, PSA Peugeot Citroën
. Patrice Reilhac Valeo
. Gabriel Toffolo, Renault
. Gérard Yahiaoui Nexyad

Questions focused on the need for standardization of HMI and on the need to create new job profiles and competences to effectively develop ADAS and autonomous vehicle, and also on the opportunity for SMEs to find new business models in this ADAS field. Also mentioned the need for standards methods and tools For ADAS validation. Nexyad exposed the opportunity for SMEs to use the nomadic systems of image acquisition, computing and storage (smart phones). these new devices make it possible for SMEs to imagine B2C applications.

. Publication of Nexyad

Nexyad presented the AGENDA methodology that was originally developed in the 90 to specify learning and test data bases for training and validation of artificial neural networks applications.

It appears that this methodology is completely adapted to the specification of ADAS validation

Nexyad is also currently integrating this methodology in an upcoming tool that will send host such a database and easily manage all crossings of road scenes variability factors (work in collaboration with the SMEs Intempora and Civitec).

During the same session other organizations (Daimler for instance) also presented very interesting for the validation of ADAS.

The proliferation of interesting ideas on this key issue is rather good news and suggests a significant advance in the near future.


NEXYAD joined the « Groupement ADAS » (December 11, 2013)

NEXYAD joined the “Groupement ADAS”, a cluster of high tech SMEs of Mov’eo that work together on complete ADAS solutions, from sensors to demo car via detection and recognition algorithms or control and mechatronics, telecom, cloud etc …

For any question or inquiery / project description : groupements@pole-moveo.org


NEXYAD joins the business cluster ITS Infra (Mov’eo) / NEXYAD rejoint le Groupement de Pme ITS Infra (intégration des technologies de l’information dans les infrastructures routières) du pôle de compétitivité Mov’eo (September 23, 2013)

NEXYAD joins the hich tech SMEs business cluster ITS Infra (Information Technologies for intelligent road infrastructures) :
. Visibility measurement / mesure de la visibilité
. Bad weather identification using artificial vision based-systems (rain, fog, smoke, …) / identification des intempéries par caméra (pluie, brouillard, fumées, …)
. Smart camera based application / applications des cameras intelligentes
. Statistics and data analysis on the road traffic / statistiques sur le traffic routier

This business cluster gathers high tech SMEs of the Competitive Cluster Mov’eo.