Nexyad presenting SafetyNex :
application to car insurance at
Finance & Innovation Congress in Paris

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SafetyNex Real Time Driving Risk Assessment is used by car insurers to alert driver and to reduce accident rate by 20%, including personal injuries.
The ROI of SafetyNex is then very easy to calculate and it is phenomenal ! In addition, SafetyNex records real “insurance-friendly” data such as RISK PROFILES and USAGE PROFILES already validated on million kilometers. There is work to do from SafetyNex data (by insurer’s data scientists) to exploit them : UBI, and tons of strategic applications that can be imagined when you know the risk taken by the driver, even 20 times per second if you wish (ex : how to price “car sharing” insurance as you do not know the driver ?). Thanks to the French research cluster FINANCE & INNOVATION.

Gérard Yahiaoui Finance Innovation

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Launch of Phase 4 of competitiveness clusters at Mov’eo

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CEO of NEXYAD (also Vice President of the French research cluster for mobility « MOV’EO ») was discussing today at a round table with Delphine GENY-STEPHANN, French State Secretary (Minister) of Industry. This took place at MOV’EO headquarters location in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy, and it was about the future of French research clusters.
It’s been a very interesting information and points of view exchange session.
Thanks to Madame la Ministre.

Gerard Yahiaoui
Gérard Yahiaoui with the microphone explaining SMEs needs to Delphine GENY-STEPHANN French State Decretary of Industry

Delphine Gény-Stephann was welcomed by the Mov’eo competitiveness cluster this Friday, July 27 at ESIGELEC on the Madrillet Campus (St Etienne du Rouvray) to discover a dynamic pole and launch the call for applications for the labeling of competitiveness clusters in the framework of the 4th phase (2019-2022). An opportunity to see the numerous projects in which the cluster is involved, especially internationally with KIC Urban Mobility, an ambitious European project to accelerate innovation. She was also able to meet and interact live with SMEs, large groups and academics who have successfully benefited from the support of Mov’eo and discover the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab project, spearhead of the 100% autonomous vehicle in Europe.

New Image Capture Campaign
for RoadNex & ObstaNex

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NEXYAD is starting a new image capture campaign in the summer heat of Paris suburb. Those new captured videos will sample the issue of strong casted shadows and will show robustness of our two Artificial Intelligence perception algorithms RoadNex (road border detection even without markings and free space detection) and ObstaNex (obstacles detection).
Database of NEXYAD applies the methodology A.G.E.N.D.A. (Approche Générale des Etudes Neuronales pour le Développement d’Applications) that allows to train deep learning with a compact learning database (knowledge-based selection of learning and of validation examples) with much better performance than with randomly selected massive databases.
Yes it is possible ! …
NEXYAD can then re-train ANNs for a special cam for instance, very quickly, with real maths KPIs instead of poor « percentages » estimators of effectiveness and robustness.
Try our AI perception algorithms, it will change a few things :
       . VERY robust detection
       . low computer load consumption (runs on regular architectures)
       . retrainable quickly is sensor technology evolves

RoadNex Camera

Newsletter #23 is now available

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Nexyad Algorithms in Autonomous Vehicles
Headlines :

– ISFM selected Nexyad algorithms
– SafetyNex episode 6 : Five use cases when your eyes or sensors are not enough
– Autonomous Driving Adaptative to situations with SafetyNex
– Broad Range Applications of Real Time Driving Risk Assessment
– Deep Learning for Onboard Applications: Hidden Trap
– SafetyNex and the “S” Curve Theory
– Congresses & Events

Click to read the NEXYAD Newsletter #23

Pedagogical Chair on Connected and Autonomous Vehicle at INSA Rouen Normandie

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INSA Rouen Normandie has created, in collaboration with the group ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and the competitiveness cluster Mov’eo, a pedagogical chair of excellence “Autonomous & Connected Vehicle”. This type of chair is a first in the world of higher education and will allow engineering students to perfect their training through the expertise of start-ups and SMEs.

NEXYAD CEO on Mobility TV about Road Safety applied to AV

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Use the YouTube translation to follow with your language.

Gérard YAHIAOUI, CEO of NEXYAD, participed in a TV show on Mobility TV about the Autonomous Vehicle, where he explained the value of SafetyNex for road safety applied to Autonomous Vehicle. The other guests were Jean-Pierre CARNEVALE, departement director for Ipsos, Abdelkrim DOUFENE from IRT SystemX, and Hervé GROS from SIA (automotive engineers society), the talk show was animated by Patrick ROGER for Auto K7.

First French Congress devoted to Autonomous Vehicles

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Last 25-26 june, SIA and URF jointly organized the first French conference on the autonomous vehicle in order to cross the views of the whole scientific and technical communities : car manufacturers, suppliers, road infrastructures, telecommunications and transport operators in connection with the national and territorial public decision-makers.
200 experts, 4 sectors, a dozen of exhibitors, 38 interventions, keynotes by Anne-Marie Idrac (AV special adviser), Cédric Villani (AI special adviser) and Luc Chatel (President of PFA), 1 round table of industrial leaders and the public sector, or how to draw up the state of the art for the biggest technological change in mobility and transport.

The goal is to accelerate the capacity for innovation everyone to serve everyone, by bringing all stakeholders together under the aegis of the most relevant experts for the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.

Gerard Yahiaoui, CEO of Nexyad was invited to talk about SafetyNex on a focus about Intelligent Onboard Technologies.

Gerard Yahiaoui at SIA Conference
Gérard Yahiaoui explaining SafetyNex

Autonomous Driving Adaptative to situations with SafetyNex

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The true function of an autonomous vehicle is to move you from a point A to a point B, as quicly as possible, in comfort and safety (road safety : without accident and even without near-misses). Let’s talk about road safety because it is the job of NEXYAD with the Artificial Intelligence module SafetyNex.
20 times per second, SafetyNex estimates the risk that the driver (Driver is your Autonomous Driving system) takes. In an open world, new situations will happen (not in the scope of your scenarios) and if your AD is not adapted, risk will rise and SafetyNex will detect it. It opens the door to new strategies :
        . Simple adaptive response : “if risk too high then slow down” for instance
        . Complex adaptive system with deep Learning : if the response led to risk rising it is not the proper one … well it sounds you can improve your AD and even let it learn while it is in use in real vehicles !!!
And you even can modulate easily aggressiveness of your AD (necessary in dense urban areas).
Adaptative Closed Loop with safetyNex