NEXYAD Presentation at SIA CESA 5.0

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The 5th and 6th december, International Conference SIA CESA 5.0 took place in Versailles (just near the Château).
The goal of the organisers is to build a bridge between traditional automotive electronics and the new developments in vehicle electrification and digitalization as well as those from the world of consumer electronics and the Internet of Things.
The event has presented a great opportunity to understand how the automotive business will evolve over the next five years, with a focus on products and services that are likely to transition from other markets into use-cases for automotive.

Gérard Yahiaoui, Nexyad CEO presented a new paper: Real Time Driving Risk Assessment for Onboard Accident Prevention :
Application to Vocal Driving Risk Assistant, ADAS, and Autonomous Driving.

Nexyad Conference at SIA CESA
Gérard Yahiaoui on the left

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NEXYAD at International Congress :

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Nexyad will be present at the International Conference on Automotive Electronics, Components and Systems that will take place on 5 & 6 December 2018 in Versailles.


Nexyad CEO, Gérard Yahiaoui, will make a presentation on “Future of car insurance: AI assessing driving risk based on real time data from ADAS sensors and digital maps”.
Nexyad is part of cluster Groupement ADAS sponsorised by MOV’EO.


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Groupement ADAS on their booth at MONDIAL.TECH.
Many good contacts for NEXYAD : potential OEMs, and other kinds of integrators for our 4 Artificial Intelligence software modules :
. SafetyNex : real time Driving risk assessment
. VisiNex : detection of lacks of visibility (fog, rain, sand, snow, …)
. RoadNex : detection of road borders and detection of free space
. ObstaNex : detection of obstacles (cars, …)

Gr ADAS Mondial.Tech


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NEXYAD CEO speech at “Université des savoirs” of ORANGE Goup : Artificial Intelligence for Automotive

Gérard Yahiaoui talk on front of more than 120 head représentatives of ORANGE Group, october 4th in Clamart.
Program :
          . What is Artificial Intelligence ?
          . Techniques developed by AI Researchers
          . Different between AI and Complex Automation
          . Business Models of AI in big companies
          . Example of SafetyNex (Real Time Driving Risk Assessment)
                      . Autonomous Vehicle
                      . Vocal Driving Assessment
                      . Customers Acquisition
          . Conclusion

Nexyad CEO at Orange Group

Presentation of the SafetyNex technology by NEXYAD at the INTEMPORA TECHDAY in Paris

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Presentation of the SafetyNex technology by NEXYAD at the INTEMPORA TECHDAY. This congress organized by INTEMPORA was impressive and gathered the French community of ADAS and Autonomous Driving around demos and presentations. Congrats to INTEMPORA. The technology SafetyNex (real time driving risk assesment algorithm developed by NEXYAD) was truely appreciated and we could discuss about applications. The MOVEO Groupement ADAS made good presentations too.

Real Time driving RISK assessment for driving risk PREVENTION and for CONTROL of autonomous driving systems: an application of XAI (*)
(*) eXplanable Artificial Intelligence
Intempora Techday
Gérard Yahiaoui explaining Nexyad use of Intempora’s RT-Maps

Nexyad presenting SafetyNex :
application to car insurance at
Finance & Innovation Congress in Paris

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SafetyNex Real Time Driving Risk Assessment is used by car insurers to alert driver and to reduce accident rate by 20%, including personal injuries.
The ROI of SafetyNex is then very easy to calculate and it is phenomenal ! In addition, SafetyNex records real “insurance-friendly” data such as RISK PROFILES and USAGE PROFILES already validated on million kilometers. There is work to do from SafetyNex data (by insurer’s data scientists) to exploit them : UBI, and tons of strategic applications that can be imagined when you know the risk taken by the driver, even 20 times per second if you wish (ex : how to price “car sharing” insurance as you do not know the driver ?). Thanks to the French research cluster FINANCE & INNOVATION.

Gérard Yahiaoui Finance Innovation

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