NEXYAD member of VeDeCom

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NEXYAD is now a member of the VeDeCoM research foundation as donator member.
NEXYAD is involved in research on ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle and is happy to contribute to the recruitment of young searchers by VeDeCom.

Presentations of NEXYAD at SafetyWeek in Germany

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At the safety week symposium in Aschaffenburg (Germany), NEXYAD presented :

. A paper about ADAS validation : methodology and tools
. The products on the booth : RoadNex (road detection), ObstaNex (Obstacles detection),
VisiNex Onboard (visibility measurement), SafetyNex (estimating safety level of driving).

NEXYAD at the Safety Week in Germany

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NEXYAD has got a booth at the Safety Week symposium in Aschaffenburg in Germany from may 19th to 21st showing the module RoadNex (road detection), ObstaNex (obstacle detection) running in the real time environment RT-MAPS, and available for customers that want to quickly develop an autonomous vehicle/demo car. Those modules are under shifting to smart phones and electronic devices.

NEXYAD also presents a paper written with the company INTEMPORA, about ADAS validation methodology and tools.

NEXYAD is member of the “Groupement ADAS”.

Special announcement : the Nexyad software SafetyNex is being developed for RT-Maps of Intempora

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SafetyNex is a high level functional bloc (sofware) for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) : onboard measurement of driving behaviour, taking into account map and GPS geolocation (shape of the road, crossing roads, … ahead), speed, accelerations, visibility, adherence, distance to obstacle, etc.

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Very soon on RT-Maps…