Autonomous Vehicle TEST & DEVELOPMENT Symposium 2016

Autonomous Vehicle TEST & DEVELOPMENT Symposium 2016
31 may – 2 june 2016 Stuttgart, Germany.

Test & Development Symposium Stuttgart 2016

2016 Preliminary Conference Programme

Wesnesday 1st June

09:15 – 15:45 – Test and Validation Strategies for Autonomous Vehicles
Room B

09:45 – Building a relevant validation database for camera-based ADAS
Gérard Yahiaoui, President and CEO, Nexyad, France
Validation of camera-based artificial vision systems applied on open world is a very complex issue. An HD colour camera may generate more than 65 000 power 2 000 000 different images (information theory), so it is not possible to test every possible message. We propose a deterministic approach for building a validation database using the AGENDA methodology that was developed and published in the 1990s for neural network database (learn and test) design.