French National Projects : Initiative PME (ADEME)
Safety/Risk of Accident

NEXYAD is proud to announce that our project SEMACOR has been approved.

This project will help to us to accelerate applications of road safety/ risk of accident estimation
in embedded connected devices (based on the NEXYAD software SafetyNex) : new vehicles and also telematics devices (aftermarket applications for car industry, insurance companies, etc …)

Contact NEXYAD if you need to measure both safety and eco-driving onboard : (
Demo of SafetyNex :
NB : SafetyNex is THE ONLY module that measures road safety (correlated to accident), validated by
experts of French Accident Administration (cf. paper at congress PRAC 2010 « évaluation du risque
de sortie de route pour l’aide à la conduite ou le diagnostic d’infrastructure », J Brunet, P Da Silva Dias, G. Yahiaoui, Session 1 « caractérisation du risque routier »)