SafetyNex ADAS for Road Safety using Map

Sometimes, accurate detection both by human perception and by sensors are not enough for road safety.
Nexyad has worked on some use cases for which classical ADAS can’t help.
So we have developed SafetyNex that reads and analyses the digital map (HERE, TOMTOM, OSM, etc.)
in front of the vehicle (4-5 seconds ahead) as a bird view to anticipate singularities of the road.
Then SafetyNex allows to vocally alert drivers when they approach these singularities
(curves, intersections, pedestrian crossing, etc…) in order, for them, to reduce speed and to lower risk of accident.   Of course, it is possible to equip vehicles with Adaptative Cruise Control (ACC) to reduce speed automatically before these singularities.

As a reminder, road safety studies show that if speed is reduced of 1mph to the right moment, risk of accident is lowered of 4% to 6%.
With SafetyNex alerts, drivers have time (at least 4 seconds) to reduce speed far more than 1mph.

See 2 use cases below :