French Automovive Sector day “PFA” In Paris


The 26th of october 2021 took place at la Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, the day of the French Automotive Sector (PFA). Many officials, president of PFA, Luc Chatel, Industry miniter Bruno Lemaire, and automotive executives as Luca De Meo CEOof Renault Group were present.
Nexyad participated and showed outside its demo car Dreamotor 1 (below).


DEMO ICIM (above) is a demo car of the French Automotive & Mobility cluster NEXTMOVE that integrates technologies of member SMEs including NEXYAD Cognitive AI SafetyNex. This demo car Demo ICIM is a « sister » of DREAMOTOR 1. NEXYAD and NEXTMOVE have a signed partnership to promote the two cars together and show the excellence in clean and intelligent vehicles.