Nexyad Cognitive AI SafetyNex goes to India

Our Indian Partner and Integrator MONTBLEU Technologies will help Indian Automotive OEMS (cars, Trucks, Two-wheelers) Save More Lives soon.
NEXYAD is very proud to show below the Montbleu Technologies Private Limited demo car « ROAD ». This demo car is under integration : NEXYAD SA cognitive AI SafetyNex is embedded by Montbleu that develops very impressive application softwares to improve road safety, with adapted solutions for :
. driving schools (driving behaviour)
. insurance UBI
. fleets
. vehicles OEMs (car, truck, two-wheeler) : safety score safety coach, preventive ACC / Intelligent Speed Assist, Autonomous Driving.

We are glad to be a part of it.

“Every year in India there are around 450,000 road crashes, in which 150,000 people die. Accidents impose significant cost as much as 3% of GDP every year” says Mr Selva Ramanujam CEO of Montbleu Technologies Private Limited.

Together, we can have a significant impact on accident rate reduction and build a safer society, less CO2 emission, etc
Let’s gather French and Indian talents to build a better world.

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