Nexyad Newsletter #38 “Step forward for Nexyad Hybrid AI SafetyNex” is available

NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #38, September 15th, 2022

Step forward for Nexyad Hybrid AI SafetyNex

Headlines :

– NEXYAD CEO Editorial

– People from these following companies have tested Nexyad democar Dreamotor1

– NEXYAD Scientific Paper: Hybrid AI for Automotive

– START 2022 – Annual Convention of NEXTMOVE french Competitiveness Cluster

– Dreamotor1 Demo in the Streets of Stuttgart for Technology Expo

– NEXYAD at Club Auto on AI organized by FIEV

– Dreamotor1 NEXYAD Democar Showcased at INSA Rouen Congress

– New NEXYAD Scientific Publication at INSA Rouen

– MtC shows Railways Driver Assistance System with NEXYAD Computer Vision Softwares

– Dreamotor1 at Autonomy Event in Paris

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