French Forum Mathematics and Related Jobs

The 11th October 2022.

NEXYAD CEO spoke at a round table for Maths students from all French Universities, and he explained NEXYAD
activity on advanced Artificial Intelligence for road safety, and the special place of maths in the company.

In particular, he talked about AI Knowledge Representation, Fuzzy logic, Possibility Theory, Deep Learning,
Reinforcement Learning, and Neural Gas. He also insisted on Physics-Informed AI and on the complexity of
transforming a real world problem in maths with simplicity.

This round table was moderated by Juliette Venel, Professor-Researcher in Mathematics, CERAMATHS,
Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, and there were 3 other speakers with NEXYAD CEO:

(*)  French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology
(**) French National Basic Science Research Center

From left to right, Juliette Venel, Paola Goatin, NEXYAD CEO, Jean-Pierre Tyberghein, Sylvain Faure