NEXYAD at event EQUIPAUTO in Paris meeting French Minister of Industry

Paris, October 18th 2022.

NEXYAD’s Hybrid Physics-Informed eXplanable Artificial Intelligence is under integration into the vehicle prototype NEXTCAR of the French Research
cluster NextMove. This vehicle gathers innovations from 5 high technology SMEs and startups and was shown at event EQUIPAUTO in Paris on the booth
of NextMove.

On the left pic, CEO of NEXYAD discussing with the French Minister in charge of Industry, Mr Roland Lescure, in presence of Mr Claude Cham.
On picture right up, CEO of NEXYAD with Gilles Schaefer, CEO of CAR&D and member of the SMEs group ALADIN.
On picture right down, CEO of NEXYAD with Managing Director of the French Research cluster NextMove, Mr Marc Charlet.
Very interesting discussion of NEXYAD CEO with French Minister Roland Lescure about Artificial Intelligence for prudence measurement and road safety.
Good contacts made by NEXYAD on booths with companies that work for fleets and data collecting.


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