Nexyad was present at CESA 2022 Congress in Versailles

Versailles, December 8th 2022.

Nexyad presented its hybrid AI SafetyNex inside Nextcar the democar of the french Mobility Competitiveness Cluster Nextmove at CESA Congress 2022 in Versailles.

CESA Congress is organised by SIA Société des ingénieurs de l’Automobile (Automotive Engineers Society) and presided by Jochen Langheim, STMicroelectronics.

Nextmove Booth at CESA 2022 in Versailles. On the left Marc Charlet, general manager of the cluster and Massimiliano Balestreri, Aladin Cluster President. On the right : Nextcar by Nextmove.

Nextcar is on its way to be automated by Technomap in Dieppe, Normandy. Nexyad hybrid AI SafetyNex will pilot future Preventive & Connected ACC all roads. Other technology contributors to Nextcar are Aladin Cluster, Kad!, Gulplug, and Good Angel. Partners are Ademe, Normandy Region and Seine Valley.