St Germain en Laye, March 8th 2023.

NEXYAD just finished to raise funds, for the 1st time (1st time, 1st round).
Raised funds : 570 000€

A small fundraising that gives their first “market price” to actions. This price is rising everyday as we get more and more good news.
Investors in NEXYAD will not be disappointed.
This 1st round is to be followed by 2 others, as car OEMs intend now to put NEXYAD AI software modules into series vehicles, and as Tier One Companies intend to integrate those AI modules into their products.
A new exciting adventure has started.

In addition, our integrators in aftermarket PRUDENCE assessment solutions for fleets and insurers are currently starting mass deployment. NEXYAD AI PRUDENCE calculation module SafetyNex (MVP version) will be soon used worldwide, running into smartphones and telematics devices (Minimum Viable Product).

Good news in this current depressed world.

We are proud to share. Take the wave with us.