Nexyad Executive Pitch


NEXYAD is a French high-tech team of mathematicians, engineers, and researchers, focused on Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Perception for smart & connected vehicles.

We propose 4 AI (and XAI) algorithms for computer vision perception and for driving risk assessment, sold as software components (APIs/SDKs), easy to integrate into products by integrators/OEMs, on different markets : Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Driving, Connected Car Insurance, Fleet management, etc.

NEXYAD brings disruption by computing in real time a new explicit variable called « driving risk ». NEXYAD is the only team in the world that can compute driving risk in real time and use it to alert human driver (prevention) or to control Autonomous Driving systems (road safety). NEXYAD also brings disruption in obstacle detection, road detection (even without markings), and lacks of visibility (fog, rain, …) detection, by proposing low CPU consumption & Effective robust algorithms coming from military research.

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