Nexyad Executive Pitch


NEXYAD's mission has always been saving lives on the roads by developing cutting edge AI onboard products to reduce accident rate.

NEXYAD Hybrid Artificial Intelligence – based solutions predict potential accidents during driving before they happen and before any emergency situation can be detected. In this way we are very different from usual Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) companies, and we bring them a complement that would take them more than 10 years to develop by themselves (whatever the budget). Our solutions allow to cancel factors that possibly lead to accident as soon as they appear, like a road safety « minority report ». With our Minimum Viable Product, we reduce accident rate at last by 20% to 25%.

And our solutions provide very high quality data that may be used to:
. understand, and train human driver (fleet risk management, Usage Based Insurance – UBI)
. improve and validate autonomous driving systems (ADAS, Autonomous Vehicle)

Ways to cancel accident conditions before emergency:
We assess what is called DRIVING RISK (which is NOT 'hazard' nor 'criticality') and this driving risk value triggers actions:
. ALERT driver (proactive TELEMATICS, Cockpit HMI of the future)
. ACT automatically on robotized vehicle (Automatic Cruise Control – ACC, Autonomous Vehicle – AV).

This real time onboard permanent (20 times per second, scalable) driving risk assessment solution is unique and is the result of 25 years of high level research programs, and fast reshaping with deep learning is not possible (theoretic barrier).
This hybrid AI system involves:
Knowledge Based Systems, Deep Learnings, Neural Gas, Fuzzy Logic, Virtual Sensors, Computer Vision, Advanced Signal Processing, Physics of vehicle, Theory of Risk, Possibility Theory

Our customer are Fleets and & Fleet Rik Management companies, Motor Insurers, Car Manufacturers and their Tier One Companies, and New Mobility companies that are interested in decreasing risk of road accident for new vulnerable mobility machines.

We provide a Global Road Safety Platform that goes from Environment Capture to Driving Risk Assessment, integrated (onboard) into application software and hardware of our customers.

We sell software user licences with the adapted business model
. per year per device for telematics
. per vehicle for new vehicles market

In practice, products of our customers that integrate NEXYAD technologies may be:
. smartphone Apps
. telematics device
. infotainment onboard computer
. environment detection computer
. ADAS computer
. AD system computer

We have signed our first deployment contracts with major global companies, on quite every continent.

We're now expecting exponential growth starting in 2021. And to support this inherent fast growth, we are currently working on a funds raising process.
We do not look for money. We look for fair financial partners that will fund our fast market penetration, worldwide, in order to save more lives.

This is who we are.

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