Advanced Driver Assistance System for Railways


For Railways Industry too

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Nexyad implemented its artificial vision software modules for rail.
RoadNexTM our road detection software (asphalt surface) has been adapted to the needs of the railways industry to detect and pre-determine trajectory of trains. The goal is to define a “area of interest” in which to detect any object or obstacle.
Once the “area of interest” is defined, ObstaNexTM screens for risks and and identifies objects and possible obstacles.
VisiNexTM measures atmospheric visibility to confirm conditions are optimum for the algorithms to be efficient. It identifies adverse conditions  like fog, heavy rain, dust on camera, etc.



a Connected or Standalone System

Those adaptations were conducted in partnership with french company MtC, resulting today in a final stages of development of an “Active Obstacles Detection System” for railways.
The vision softwares run on a nano PC with fusion of HD camera and lidar signals. This standalone product can – but doesn’t not have to – be connected to train communication system. It just requires a simple installation into the driver cabin and offers both sound messages and displayed ones on a added screen (HMI with augmented reality).


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The system is designed to offer certain characteristics under normal conditions of use (sufficient brightness, visibility, trajectory, and vibration)
– Detection frequency: 10 to 13 images per second.
– In the detection zone:
. Pedestrians: detection between 7 and 200 meters
. Trains: detection between 7 and 280 meters
. Suitcase 30 x 30 centimeters: detection between 7 and 100 meters
The system records all information (data and video) for each detection.
The storage capacity is at least 15 days. In addition, videos of the last 10 alarms (2 minutes of video before and 2 minutes after the alarm) are stored in the system.

This detector estimates risk of collision in advance thanks to the processing of different signals.

The system aims to minimize risk for human, material and environmental damage. This prevention is the result of combination of signals from different sensors (camera, Lidar, accelerrometers, GPS) integrated, processed and analyzed by our algorithms.

Our AI analyzes the flow of data transmitted by sensors in order to determine the potential risks of accident. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a


MtC has a history in the conception and manufacturing of safety devices for automatic trains

. Strong of 18 years of experience
. More than 1000 devices in operation worldwide
. Adapts to the characteristics of each type of train and project
. Redundant electrical relay system for safety control of emergency braking
. CAN bus communicating system
. EN62267 compliant
. Interfaceable with our derailment detection system