Presentation of the SafetyNex technology by NEXYAD at the INTEMPORA TECHDAY in Paris

Presentation of the SafetyNex technology by NEXYAD at the INTEMPORA TECHDAY. This congress organized by INTEMPORA was impressive and gathered the French community of ADAS and Autonomous Driving around demos and presentations. Congrats to INTEMPORA. The technology SafetyNex (real time driving risk assesment algorithm developed by NEXYAD) was truely appreciated and we could discuss about applications. The MOVEO Groupement ADAS made good presentations too.

Real Time driving RISK assessment for driving risk PREVENTION and for CONTROL of autonomous driving systems: an application of XAI (*)
(*) eXplanable Artificial Intelligence
Intempora Techday
Gérard Yahiaoui explaining Nexyad use of Intempora’s RT-Maps

Nexyad at Active Safety Europe 2016 : ADAS to Autonomous

Actice Safety Europe 2016

Come to visit Nexyad the 17th & 18th may in Munich, Germany, for the Congress & Exhibition Active Safety Europe 2016 : ADAS to Autonomous.
Nexyad will be present with Intempora firm, provider of famous real time framework RT-Maps, Don’t miss the 18th : Software “Embeddibility”, Speaker Nicolas Dulac, CEO, Intempora.
Nexyad and Intempora are members of french cluster Groupement ADAS sponsored by MOVEO.

Many Thanks to all Nexyad booth visitors at Connected Car Insurance

Connected Car Insurance
You have been numerous to visit Nexyad Booth at Connected Car Insurance, London last week.
Our disruptive product SafetyNex benefited a lot of interest !
SafetyNex measures Risk of Accident and decreases Loss Costs. This software is available as a smartphone App and as a device.
More information about the ultimate solution for insurance companies that need onboard risk assessment : SafetyNex Position Paper
Version française

RoadNex v2.2 in Online Store of Intempora

Nexyad RoadNex v2.2 is the only Road Detection module software operable in framework RT-Maps by Intempora.
It is possible to connect multiple sensors included cameras on RT-Maps, collecting data in real time and time-stampted them. Later play and replay video with all your data.


Release v2.0 of Nexyad VisiNex Onboard

NEXYAD VisiNex Onboard v2.0 is now available on RT-Maps (by Intempora).
It comes with local Visual Quality Score (VQS) figured by colors :
Green is high, orange is medium, red is low.
See Demo film below on foggy weather condition :

SafetyNex for Onboard Road Safety Measurement

SafetyNex for Onboard Road Safety Measurement by NEXYAD


Car manufacturers and insurance companies both need a system that would estimate in real time the risk taken by the driver.
Most commercial applications use to consider that a driver that do not accelerate much doesn’t take risk, and that a driver that drives more sporty is dangerous.
However, insurance companies statisticians could notice that there no correlation between the driving style and the accidents.
It is completely obvious : danger comes when the driving style is not adapted to the infrastructure. So driving style doesn’t has no meaning by itself.

NEXYAD company has been working since 1995 on onboard risk estimation, and recently launched their module SafetyNex that estimates a risk which is correlated (by construction) with accidents.

SafetyNex is the result of three collaborative French research programs :

SafetyNex measures onboard the adequacy of driving style (and in particular the speed of the vehicle) with the characteristics of the infrastructure : adequacy of the current speed and initiated acceleration to the radii of curvature of bends downstream, to the presence of downstream crossings, or pedestrian crossings, … etc.

It is possible to add to SafetyNex optional inputs such as :
. weather report,
. maximum grip
. atmospheric visibility (rain, fog …)
. distance to obstacles (coming from an ADAS system) and in this case, we use not only infrastructure characteristics but also trafic flow information that describe the way other users move on the same infrastructure.

Similarly, can be integrated into SafetyNex data from characteristics of ADAS in order to measure the adequacy of these driver assistance systems to the situation experienced by the vehicle on the infrastructure.
For example, if the vehicle has radar or camera, the data of the opening angle enable SafetyNex (which read shape of the infrastructure from the onboard navigation map) to compute the distance of geometric visibility, not for the driver, but for embedded artificial perception systems.

Cone of Perception


The example below shows the predictive nature of safetyNex : when you get in an intersection, it’s a little before that you must slow down because you can not know what is likely to emerge from this intersection. However, when one is in the intersection, it is not dangerous to re-accelerate. This is the way that safe drivers use to drive.

Therefore, the risk score is not correlated to the value of the deceleration or acceleration but to the adequacy of speed to potential dangers of the infrastructure. You may drive sporty or lazy and have the same good or bad safety score computed by SafetyNex.

Video with sound (spoken explanations)


SafetyNex is now available for sale and is operating in the following environments:
. Framework RT-MAPS PC : This version is for automakers researchers, scientists of tier one techno suppliers, statisticians and actuaries of insurance companies. It allows real-time replay, in order to see what areas make the risk climb, it also allows to correlate the new variable (risk) with all other variables available, and for car manufacturers, it lets develop ADAS based on this module.
RT-MAPS is interfaced with the Data Base Management Systems, which is convenient to apply SafetyNex on the company’s information systems.
. electronic device of an automotive tier one company : the announcement will be made soon by the automotive tier one techno supplier.
. mobile phones (December 2015), which will allow everyone to have this road safety module.

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