RoadNex (new film demo)

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NEXYAD is proud to show a demo film of the RoadNex (by NEXYAD) module (road detection in front of a vehicle).

This module runs as a component of the framework RT-MAPS (by INTEMPORA), and can recognize the road with or without white lines : even European countryside roads are detected.

RoadNex provides 2 outputs :

. The detection of road sides (lines : you can chose you pasting colors) : as you can see on the film below, this works even without road signs (white lines)

. The detection of the road material (painted area : you can choose your colors) : a road is not only a shape with two sides, but also an aspect. If ever a pedestrian is standing in the middle of the road, then the aspect will change.

RoadNex is an advanced module for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and also for projects of Autonomous Vehicles.

RoadNex is currently under cross compilation on smartphones environments (Android, IOS, Windows phone).