CES 2019 NEXYAD first report


Thanks to Molly Swart and Georges Ucko from Business France, and Marc Charlet from Mov’eo, for their animation on French Tech Pavillon.
Nexyad was present with Groupement ADAS.

Nexyad is back to Paris pockets full of new contacts interested in our SafetyNex API (the only onboard API that compute, in real time, at each moment, the risk that driver is currently taking).
First CES where some big firms were exposing on their booth some products based, among other things, on SafetyNex.

And good new contacts for applications of SafetyNex in the following fields :
. car/trucks insurance
. car/trucks telematics
. aftermarket dashcams
. vocal Driving assistants
. autonomous Driving systems

We had a fine booth in the French Tech marquee at Central Plaza, with all the other startups of the MOVEO ADAS Group.

French Tech booth at CES

NEXYAD at CES 2019 in Las Vegas

Nexyad at CES 2019

Nexyad will presente his feature product SafetyNex, on-board Driving Risk Assessment in Real Time at CES 2019 from january 8th to 11th in Las Vegas, Nv.
SafetyNex is combinable with others Nexyad computer vision software modules as : RoadNex (road detection), ObstaNex (obstacle detection) and VisiNex (bad visibility detection).

We Save Lives

Nexyad CES 2019 access

NEXYAD new award :
Champion SME (PME championne) of the French cluster MOV’EO

NEXYAD is proud to announce that MOV’EO selected NEXYAD to be one of their CHAMPION high tech SMEs
(PME championne du pôle de compétitivité MOV’EO).

 » we are very proud to get this award from MOV’EO that works hard for high tech SMEs development » said Gerard YAHIAOUI, CEO of NEXYAD. « We participated to the MOV’EO mission at CES 2017 in LasVegas, with Business France, and for us, it is already a success ». « This new award will give us more exposure and for a High-Tech SME it is always a good thing ».


« Nous sommes très fiers d’obtenir cette récompense de MOV’EO qui œuvre pour le développement des PME de hautes technologies dans le secteur de la mobilité. Nous avons participé à la la mission CES 2017 à Las Vegas, avec Business France, et pour Nexyad, c’est déjà un succès. Cette nouvelle récompense nous apporte plus d’exposition et pour une PME de High-Tech c’est toujours une bonne chose. » a déclaré Gérard Yahiaoui le P-DG de Nexyad.

ADAS & Autonomous Driving at CES in Las Vegas

Thanks to Business France for having organised this CES mission and to Moveo sponsoring.
The show is bigger than everybody says us before. There is thousands of boothes in several places in Las Vegas. It is impossible to see all in four days long. This year, French Tech was well represented in the Venetian Hotel and at the Convention Center near the Westgate Hotel. In the last news we talked about Leddartech and today we make a focus on three major companies that built the future of smart mobility.

New ADAS demos by VALEO

Valeo onboard demos area at Golden Lot was completely crowed during the four days of the Convention. But we were lucky happy few to test Valeo XtraVue and Valeo 360AEB Nearshield.

Valeo XtraVue is a system based on a set of connected cameras that eliminates visual obstacles. It takes two vehicles equipped with the system. The driver of the vehicle B, which follows the vehicle A, can see on its control screen what happens in front of the vehicle A by seeing through it.

Valeo 360AEB Nearshield (Autonomous Emergency Braking) is an innovative technology to protect nearby pedestrians when vehicles perform low-speed maneuvers. With a full 360 degrees system of cameras and ultrasonic sensors, this ADAS helps the driver to avoid accident due to blind spots around large vehicles such as SUV and pick-up trucks.
Read more about Valeo at CES

HERE Indoor Positioning brings precision to the industrial IoT.

The NEXYAD team present in Las Vegas was invited by officials on the HERE booth at Convention Center Central Plazza.
When we entered the booth, we saw a table with mini robotic forklifts in a warehouse, all built with real technology. The robots moved around a simulated environment picking up and delivering containers based on high-accuracy positioning, bringing the real-world applications to life.
It was one of the numerous technologies presented by HERE at CES this year.
More about HERE here

CES Valeo & Here
                         VALEO XtraVue demo car                                          HERE Indoor Positionning demo

Visteon Demonstrates Augmented Reality Driving Experience and Latest Head-Up Display Technology at CES® 2017.

Complementing the vehicle’s HUD, embedded front-view and driver monitoring cameras trigger “smart alerts” in the form of lights and sounds when the driver is not paying attention to the road, if the vehicle strays from its lane, or if the vehicle is at risk of potentially hitting an object. For example, when a pedestrian or bicycle is present on the side of the road, an LED light projects onto the windshield within a 90-degree angle of the driver’s line of sight, giving a visual alert without the driver needing to turn his or her head.

Read more about Visteon here

Two onboard cameras look at the front of the car (a video for the demo),
detect obstacles and alerts the driver via a HUD.

Nexyad at the CES in Las Vegas

As part of the partnership mission (connected and autonomous vehicles) at the CES organized by Business France for the four french pôles de compétitivité automobiles (competitivity cluster) : LUTB, MOV’EO, ID4CAR and cluster Pôle Véhicule du Futur; Nexyad meets its partners, customers and future customers in Las Vegas.

Summit meeting with Leddartech (top of the Westgate Hotel on the booth of the canadian company). Both companies spoke about various future projects within the Groupement ADAS.
LeddarTech in Las Vegas
Gérard Yahiaoui CEO of Nexyad and Pier-Olivier Hamel Product leader at Leddartech.

Thursday January 5th, Nexyad was invited to a networking reception sponsored by Orange with the presence of Mr Stéphane Richard, chairman and CEO of Orange. The event took place at the Air Bar on the top of the Strastosphere Tower in Las Vegas.

Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.