NEXYAD at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #20, January 22th, 2018


NEXYAD at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Headlines :

– CES 2018 Nexyad Report

– SafetyNex animated video of a use case : The Car Insurer’s Choice

– Nexyad in media

– SafetyNex can bring Artificial Intelligence into Autopilots in respect of ASIL ISO 26262

– Nexyad team wishes you an happy New Year 2018

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CES 2018 Nexyad Report

For the second time, NEXYAD went to CES (2018) in Las Vegas (from 9th to 12th of Jan).

Paris CDG AirportArrival at Las VegasTakeoff at Paris CDG Airport                                         Arrival in Las Vegas
Flight to Vegas from Paris is long but it’s worth the trip for a high-tech startup like NEXYAD.

Of course, for NEXYAD, it is the year of deployment in series for our onboard software modules (Connected car/Car telematics, ADAS, Autopilots, Drive and Car sharing), and especially for SafetyNex (estimation of driving risk 20 times per second), and we had organized for a while 6 meetings per day : ADAS and Telematics OEMs that are already currently integrating SafetyNex, and of course new prospects. Very good new contacts too with qualifies prospects from the USA, Japan, Europe.
We also got some interest for RoadNex that integrates a computer vision based free space detection that works perfectly for large round abouts and intersections. We brought a real time RoadNex implementation into an android smartphone (using the smartphone cam and CPU) and we could do some real time demos that show that RoadNex works in a regular smartphone in real time (for those who care of CPU consumption) :

This year we had a barrow on the LeddarTech booth located at Central Plaza, close to Faurecia, Valeo, Google, Visteon, etc … : LeddarTech is member of the MOV’EO Groupement ADAS, and the whole Groupement was part of the « LeddarTech ecosystem » showcase area.

LeddarTech BoothGroupement ADAS DeskLeddar Ecosystem Pavillon at LVCC                               Groupement ADAS Desk

We also used some time slots to do our homeworks on Business Intelligence and visited many boothes including competitors of NEXYAD.
From this visits we could extract some heavy trends : of course, CES deals with quite EVERY subject, then we focused on mobility and what is connected to mobility issues.
First, we must notice that 2018 is THE year of Lidar :
Of course, our partner LeddarTech, but also many other solutions from Startups to Major automotive companies :

Lidar LeddarTech   LeddarTech;                                       
Lidar InnovizLidar Velodyne   Innoviz                                                                           Velodyne
Lidar QuanergyLidar Pioneer   Quanergy                                                                       Pioneer
Startup II-VIAEye   Startup II – VI                                                                      Startup AEye


Another heavy trend is smart cities :

Itron (Energy issues)                                                         Deloitte (Complete systems and strategy)
LoRa (IOT)                                                                       Ericsson (Telecom 5G)
Mobility was a big part of Smart Cities and Urban mobility this year in Las Vegas.
Some soft mobility solutions (electric and connected 2-wheels vehicles) :

Ujet                                                                                   Genze
And of course, autonomous shuttles were numerous this year :

Navya                                                                              IBM (Olli)

Toyota (ePalette)                                                            Transdev

                                         Startup ISFM (MILLA) © MILLA is an innovation from ISFM
As you may notice, you can find shuttles from : a pure leader player, an IT major firm, a major car manufacturer, a major operator of urban mobility, and a high-tech startup.
At least, another completely new trend is the autonomous flying vehicles :


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SafetyNex animated video of a use case :
The Car Insurer’s Choice

SafetyNex by NEXYAD is a Driving Risk Assessment App/API for prevention (accompanied driving, young drivers, individuals, professional drivers, seniors) in every kind of 4 wheels vehicle. SafetyNex is worth for UBI (risk profiles, usage profiles) at the end of every trip; reduction of costs (lower rate of accident and in particular of personal injuries + transformation of some severe personal injuries accidents into material accidents); Detection of behaviour modifications in time and Distraction detection (mobile phone …) : under implementation.

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Nexyad in media

Rémi Bastien interview, the new President of competitive cluster Mov’eo and also President of VEDECOM Institute and VP Automotive Prospective of Renault Group.

    For English subtitles click the button on the video

Mov’eo is a Mobility and Automotive R&D competitiveness cluster, which since 2006 has been mobilizing its energies at the service of its members to meet the objectives assigned by the State to competitiveness clusters: to foster the development of collaborative projects between members, to contribute to development in the regions of companies, in particular SMES, and to promote innovation in the sector.

Created in february 2014, VEDECOM is a French Institute for Public-Private Partnership Research and Training dedicated to individual, carbon-free and sustainable mobility.

The new MOV’EO President quote NEXYAD SafetyNex at the beginning of its intervention…

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SafetyNex can bring Artificial Intelligence into Autopilots
in respect of ASIL ISO 26262

SafetyNex integration in the ASIL 26262.

SafetyNex Asil 26262
© NEXYAD 2017

Complex Automation MUST be ASIL ISO 26262.
Artificial Intelligence CANNOT BE ASIL ISO 26262 (by definition) and acts only on parameters of Complex Automation doing ++/– – variations, never skipping « reflexes actions » (emergency braking, etc), but allowing anticipation speed adaptation to reduce frequency of emergency situations (and then give more margin to reflexes actions and also improve comfort). Maximum acceptable Driving Risk can be changed depending on driving situation in order to set « aggressivity level» of HAV.

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Nexyad team wishes you an happy New Year 2018

Greetings 2018