Demonstration of AI SafetyNex in Dreamotor 1 for Renault

Guyancourt, March 29th 2023.

30 minutes test of Nexyad democar Dreamotor 1 which integrates AI SafetyNex for Renault with potential validation project.

SafetyNex provides in real time prudent recommended speed,  lack of prudence alerts and instant prudent speed for predictive ACC and Autonomous Vehicle.


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Nexyad visits Autonomy 2023 in Paris

Paris, Porte de Versailles, March 22th 2023.

Nexyad visited Autonomy 2023 to discover what is new in the world of Mobility : electrification, soft mobility, charging facilities, Autonomous vehicles, car-sharing, insurances, technologies for fleets, etc.

Autonomy is also conferences, workshops, test tracks, and opportunity to meet nice partners (who recognize themselves on pictures) prospects and suppliers.





  more to discover here : Autonomy Mobility World Expo (




Paris-Orsay,march the 14th 2023.

Our CEO, Gerard, was invited by Jacques EHRLICH, Emeritus Director of Research at French University Gustave EIFFEL, Professor at the French Engineering school Telecom Paris that is member of Polytechnic Institute of Paris.
Gerard teached “Autonomous Vehicle – from perception to Automation and Control”.
Very good students with lots of relevant questions.
Always a pleasure to share.
Thanks Jacques


St Germain en Laye, March 10th 2023.

Now DREAMOTOR1 is piloted by our AI SafetyNex for vehicle automatic speed control (longitudinal part of autonomous vehicle, that  is also called sometimes Predictive ACC or Contextual ACC). Vehicle slows down automatically to stay PRUDENT (that the only criteria) when needed and else accelerates to speed limit.
No complex control laws, no cut into use cases: process is continuous and the only value to control is PRUDENCE level.
First implementation under fine tuning at NEXYAD is what we call our MVP (Minimum Viable Product): no ADAS sensors, only digital map, electronic horizon, and GNSS.

In the following months, we intend to integrate NEXYAD perception solution involving a camera (at least one) and a lidar. Perception will use NEXYAD perception AI software modules:
. VisiNex that measures visibility and detects lacks of visibility such as fog, heavy rain, lack of lighting, snow, etc
. RoadNex that detects drivable surface of the road plus lines
. ObstaNex that detects any object and recognizes vehicles, and pedestrians (soon more objects)

From this NEXYAD perception kit the 1st additional information that will feed the AI software module SafetyNex is interdistance, the second will be weather conditions, and the 3rd will be “presence of vulnarables”.
V2X will also feed SafetyNex with hazard warnings.
NEXYAD has shown that lateral control of vehicle is also possible by using the notion of PRUDENCE.
This will be done in 2023.

An Autonomous Vehicle on a new kind, based on PRUDENCE CONTROL, will then demonstrate that this new paradigm is lean (computing power, memory, …), efficient, in-used-monitored (with prudence assessed 20 times per second), and then finally TRUSTABLE (for people, for insurers, for authorities).
A revolution that may enable market.

Contact us to know more.


St Germain en Laye, March 8th 2023.

NEXYAD just finished to raise funds, for the 1st time (1st time, 1st round).
Raised funds : 570 000€

A small fundraising that gives their first “market price” to actions. This price is rising everyday as we get more and more good news.
Investors in NEXYAD will not be disappointed.
This 1st round is to be followed by 2 others, as car OEMs intend now to put NEXYAD AI software modules into series vehicles, and as Tier One Companies intend to integrate those AI modules into their products.
A new exciting adventure has started.

In addition, our integrators in aftermarket PRUDENCE assessment solutions for fleets and insurers are currently starting mass deployment. NEXYAD AI PRUDENCE calculation module SafetyNex (MVP version) will be soon used worldwide, running into smartphones and telematics devices (Minimum Viable Product).

Good news in this current depressed world.

We are proud to share. Take the wave with us.

News of Dreamotor1 democar by Nexyad

St Germain en Laye, January 20th 2023.
Dreamotor1 has been automated for longitudinal function, acceleration and brake can be controled by SafetyNex AI via computer. YoGoKo and SBG Systems Antennas are now permanently fixed on roof. More use-cases to come for demos, in particular with V2X info. We organize demos of 30mn in Guyancourt around Renault technocentre for automotive, fleets and insurance professionals.
DREAMOTOR1 can be piloted:
. manually: showing pasting of prudent recommended speed (required by EUroNCAP and UN)
. by SafetyNex directly: if PRUDENCE is too low then slow down, else, accelerate to speed limit (one line of code, no complex servo-control laws)
It is the 1st step of development of NEXYAD Autonomous Vehicle piloting system. We have already shown that in theory our completely new approach based on PRUDENCE assessment is also applicable to lateral control, we are currently working on it to upgrade DREAMOTOR1.
Today, the longitudinal control in all traffic conditions may be called Predictive ACC, according to STELLANTIS Vocabulary.
We published a scientific paper explaining the revolution we bring in Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS, pasting some results of STELLANTIS Predictive ACC piloted by our PRUDENCE assessment AI SafetyNex : LINK TO SCIENTIFIC PAPER
Just to summarize, look at the following situation:
. If we know what is behind the bus, and if there is nothing (*), it is possible to drive straight ahead, not slowing down, and still be PRUDENT (because nothing and no one may surround from behind the bus): Autonomous Vehicle Behavior #1
(*) e.g., cameras on the infrastructure + V2X, or Front Camera of the bus + V2X
. If we do not know what is behind the bus, it is then NECESSARY to slow down, and if possible keep left, in order to be PRUDENT: Autonomous Vehicle Behavior #2
One can then notice that VEHICLE BEHAVIOR is no longer a desired prerequisite, but a consequence of PRUDENCE TARGET and of EQUIPMENT SET. Different vehicles with different equipment set can be automated and prudent, but with different behaviors.
It is then possible to develop Autonomous Vehicle with a big variety of equipement (from cheap to complete): they will adjust their behavior to stay prudent, anyway.


This is a revolution for Autonomous personal Vehicle because behavior becomes the adjustment to what is not known by the vehicle.

A complete Game Changer, what we call at NEXYAD “flexible thinking”.

And in the end, Autonomous Vehicle piloted by PRUDENCE assessment can also PASTE its prudence profile:
. insurance issues
. road safety and legal issues
Our AI SafetyNex is an eXplanable (XAI) hybrid (or composite) physics-informed AI. SafetyNex is also a causal AI. And because it assesses PRUDENCE (which is a human notion), we can say SafetyNex is a Responsible AI. No black box effect.
AI can change the world faster than some people think.
Thanks to integrator team FH Electronics.



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NEXYAD Newsletter #39 “Nexyad at CES 2023” is available

NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #39, January 16th, 2023


NEXYAD at CES 2023


Headlines :

– NEXYAD CEO Editorial

– CES 2023

– NEXYAD was present at CESA 2022 Congress in Versailles

– Nextmove Techday at Continental with Nextcar & Dreamotor 1

– More tests of  NEXYAD Democar Dreamotor 1

– NEXYAD CEO expressed views at roundtable on future of Autonomous Vehicle at Mondial de l’Auto in Paris

– NEXYAD at Mondial de l’Auto in Paris

– NEXYAD at event EQUIPAUTO in Paris meeting French Minister of Industry

– French Forum Mathematics and Related Jobs

– Technological partnership between dSPACE & NEXYAD

Go to read Nexyad Newsletter #39



Test of Dreamotor1 for our partner MtC More than Cables

Friday, December 9th 2022.

Our Macon based partner MtC integrator for railways driver assistance came in Guyancourt, around Renault Technocentre, to try SafetyNex onboard Dreamotor1.




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Nexyad was present at CESA 2022 Congress in Versailles

Versailles, December 8th 2022.

Nexyad presented its hybrid AI SafetyNex inside Nextcar the democar of the french Mobility Competitiveness Cluster Nextmove at CESA Congress 2022 in Versailles.

CESA Congress is organised by SIA Société des ingénieurs de l’Automobile (Automotive Engineers Society) and presided by Jochen Langheim, STMicroelectronics.

Nextmove Booth at CESA 2022 in Versailles. On the left Marc Charlet, general manager of the cluster and Massimiliano Balestreri, Aladin Cluster President. On the right : Nextcar by Nextmove.

Nextcar is on its way to be automated by Technomap in Dieppe, Normandy. Nexyad hybrid AI SafetyNex will pilot future Preventive & Connected ACC all roads. Other technology contributors to Nextcar are Aladin Cluster, Kad!, Gulplug, and Good Angel. Partners are Ademe, Normandy Region and Seine Valley.


Demo of SafetyNex Nexyad AI with risk alerts and recommended speeds to MOBILIANS in Meudon

November 24th, 2022.

We had the pleasure to showcase our road safety AI SafetyNex in the streets of Meudon, with our DREAOMOTOR1

demo car. We could discuss with high level experts of driving schools and find potential way to use this AI for different
applications. Very good meeting. The demo consisted in pasting on dashboard recommended speeds in real time
to help driver anticipate, and alert when prudence is too low.

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Nextmove Techday at Continental with Nextcar & Dreamotor1

Thursday, november 17th 2022 at Continental in Rambouillet, France.

Presentation to Continental Rambouillet teams of the “NextCar” collaborative demonstrators of innovations driven by the NextMove competitiveness cluster and the “Dreamotor1” demonstratorcollaborative of the company Nexyad. The NextCar demonstrator currently incorporates 5 innovations, technology bricks providing solutions on the main strategic axes of innovation of the sector: reduction of the footprint environment of vehicles, electrification, road safety, automation.
This Techday was organized by Nextmove with its General Manager Marc Charlet and by Jean-Yves le Gall, Head of Research and Advanced Engineering at Continental.



Nextcar by Nextmove on the left and Dreamotor1 by Nexyad on the right

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