Dreamotor1 Demo for Intempora in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, July 13th 2022.

Nicolas Dulac, CEO of Intempora (a dSPACE Company) made a test of Dreamotor1 around Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt.
Dreamotor1 uses Intempora RTMaps development and validation environment for multi-sensor applications.

Gerard Yahiaoui, CEO of Nexyad and Nicolas Dulac, CEO of Intempora (on the right)

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Dreamotor1 Demo for Kuantic in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, July 11th 2022.

People of KUANTIC made a test of Dreamotor1 this mornng around Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt.

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Dreamotor1 Demo for Nvidia in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, June 30th 2022.

Nexyad returned in Guyancourt around the Technocentre Renault to make a demo for a Nvidia Director.

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START 2022 – Annual Convention of NEXTMOVE french Competitiveness Cluster

NEXTMOVE brings together 600 members Spread over 5 technological and industrial axes, these companies, car manufactures, tear ones, suppliers, SMEs, public and private laboratories, etc… are moving the lines of their sectors with their innovative technologies and services. Gérard Yahiaoui, CEO of Nexyad, is Vice-President of NEXTMOVE in charge of the SMEs.


NEXTMOVE Annuel Convention at Le Havre, Normandy.



Luc Chatel, PFA president
Dr Luc Julia, Renault Chief scientific Officer

Philippe Prével, President of NEXTMOVE and Rémi Bastien, Honorary President


 The Dreamotor1, Nexyad demo car, made some runs for testers in Le Havre


Dreamotor1 Demo in the Streets of Stuttgart for Technology Expo

Stuttgart, June 21th 2022.

On the side of Autonomous Vehicle TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2022, Nexyad came with Dreamotor1 for some demonstrations of safety functionnalities for tear one companies and OEMs.

Dreamotor1 on the left in streets of Stuttgart, Germany.


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NEXYAD at CLUB AUTO on AI organized by FIEV

The seventh FIEV Auto Club took place on June 17, 2022 in Paris, titled Artificial Intelligence: a brain in the car.
Two very interesting round tables :
The car is connected before being autonomous, with :
Antoine LAFAY, Driving Assistance Research Director of Valeo
Dr Thierry LESTABLE, Executive Director, Digital Science Research Center (DSRC) of Technology Innovation Institute (TII)
Gérard YAHIAOUI, CEO of Nexyad
Sebastien RUFFINO, Director Automotive, South of Europe de Nvidia
Alexis BEAUVILLAIN, Cross System Architecture Director of Aptiv

Interior: towards tailor-made comfort, with :
Thierry METAIS, President of ZF Mobility France
Vanessa PICRON, Vice-President of Product Division Innovation, Strategy & Automated Driving of Forvia
Pierre LECOINTRE, SVP Software Business & Product of Stellantis
Eric LA FAY, Director, Head of Customer Center Multimedia and Connectivity of Continental Automotive France

and a special Keynote by Dr Luc Julia, Chief Scientific Officer of Renault Group


         Doctor Luc Julia (Renault) and Gérard Yahiaoui (Nexyad)                                     Round Table: The car is connected before being autonomous

Visit FIEV website


«ADAS, Autonomous Vehicle : caution and risk measurement in real time using embedded real time AI »,

Gérard YAHIAOUI, Pierre DA SILVA DIAS, Scientific  Seminar at INSA Rouen,

chair of AI for Intelligent vehicle directed by Pr Abdelaziz Bensrhair :



NEXYAD made another demo of DREAMOTOR1 for RENAULT people around Technocentre in Guyancourt.

30 minutes of driving in real streets, on real roads with a big variety of difficulties. NEXYAD AI SafetyNex
implements 2 functions (TRL9) :

. Safety Score
. Safety Coach (that reduces accident rate by 25%, see testimonials on http://www.nexyad.com)


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To know more about DREAMOTOR1: http://dreamotor1.org

MtC shows Railways Driver Assistance System with NEXYAD Computer Vision Softwares

First appearence for a new product by MtC (former OTN) at Global Industrie 2022 in Paris-Nord.
After 4 years Global Industrie came back with responsible reindustrialisation leimotiv.
This new Parisian edition has done everything possible to support the sector towards the industry of the future,
relocation, ecological transition, energy independence, but also the tomorrow technologies (3D printing , cybersecurity, etc.).
Our partner MtC More than Cables (former OTN) displayed demo of railway driver assistance by camera/lidar fusion.

Video demo of obstacles detection on railway by MtC

Dreamotor1 at AUTONOMY Event in Paris

Dreamotor1 made a demonstration to prospect on side of Autonomy event march 16 & 17 2022 in Paris.


This year, Autonomy finally returned to the Porte de Versailles in Paris. The participants seemed happy to be reunited after a long absence. We were surprised to see new exhibitors like Otonomo or Autoliv, which are international companies, proof that the show attracts more people than regulars of light, electro and shared mobility.

                        Autonomy in Paris, Parc des expositions Porte de Versailles                                                                                    Cosmo Connected Booth


                                                                         Autoliv Booth                                                                                                                                        Otonomo Booth        




Nexyad Cognitive AI SafetyNex goes to India

Our Indian Partner and Integrator MONTBLEU Technologies will help Indian Automotive OEMS (cars, Trucks, Two-wheelers) Save More Lives soon.
NEXYAD is very proud to show below the Montbleu Technologies Private Limited demo car « ROAD ». This demo car is under integration : NEXYAD SA cognitive AI SafetyNex is embedded by Montbleu that develops very impressive application softwares to improve road safety, with adapted solutions for :
. driving schools (driving behaviour)
. insurance UBI
. fleets
. vehicles OEMs (car, truck, two-wheeler) : safety score safety coach, preventive ACC / Intelligent Speed Assist, Autonomous Driving.

We are glad to be a part of it.

“Every year in India there are around 450,000 road crashes, in which 150,000 people die. Accidents impose significant cost as much as 3% of GDP every year” says Mr Selva Ramanujam CEO of Montbleu Technologies Private Limited.

Together, we can have a significant impact on accident rate reduction and build a safer society, less CO2 emission, etc
Let’s gather French and Indian talents to build a better world.

Links to Montbleu and roadsafe.ai:


NEXYAD & HERE Webinar: Onboard Real Time Safety Coach & Safety Score

Thursday, April 14, 2022 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM CEST

New embedded software offer for fleet risk management

Tracking, eco-driving, fleet management, etc. : the uses of on-board telematics are multiple and contribute directly or indirectly to reducing the costs of a fleet. The systems are increasingly relevant and connected for the main services except road safety. Most offers only concern driver monitoring and a driving score that is only very slightly correlated with accidentology.
SafetyNex technology allows to reduce immediately accident rate by 25% without ADAS sensors. Our cognitive AI allows to analyse driving behaviour (20 times per second) by comparing it to road context here and now.

Click the link below to register

Registration (gotowebinar.com)



« NEXYAD SafetyNex cognitive AI brings a new paradigm for road safety in ADAS and Autonomous Driving »
Vincent ABADIE, VP Autonomous Vehicle at STELLANTIS

We are proud and glad to work on advanced robotized driving projects with STELLANTIS talented engineers team.
Let’s make it a reality for common people.

Vincent ABADIE, VP Autonomous Vehicle at STELLANTIS and Gerard YAHIAOUI, NEXYAD CEO