NEXYAD joins the business cluster INI (in Mov’eo) / NEXYAD rejoint le Groupement INI (Intégration du Numérique pour l’Industrie) du pôle de compétitivité Mov’eo (July 1, 2013)

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NEXYAD joins the high tech business cluster INI (Integration of Digital Technologies into Industrial applications) :
. Special machines for quality control and intelligent sorting and defects detection
. Integration of cameras, sensors, actuators, digital pasting, computers, software, … into car prototypes
and complex products
. Portable diagnosis systems
. Communication car to car and car to back office (geo localization, statistics, …)
. Library for real time ADAS development

SMEs of this business cluster gather their products, know how and skills, in order to bring new innovative wing to wing solution to customers.

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INI is a business clusters of SMEs gathered by Mov’eo

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Blog of the High Technologies SMEs of Mov’eo :

– NEXYAD joins the high tech business cluster SEMI (Astech) / NEXYAD rejoin le Groupement SEMI (sur les Moyens d’Essais et de Test) du pôle Astech (June 1, 2013)

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NEXYAD joins the business cluster SEMI gathered by Astech. NEXYAD will bring to other members of this cluster its competence and skills on machine vision, signal processing, data analysis, decision making, and applied maths.

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End of the collaborative French research program SURVIE : Visibility Measurement (December 31, 2012)

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NEXYAD was the head of a collaborative research program on visibility measurement, using the tool VisiNex.

This research program showed a complete correlation between VisiNex measurements and human panel of observers, and could develop new modules for VisiNex and new protocols of measurement.



Closing meeting of the collaborative research project SURVIE : 2012 June 28 in Paris (June 13, 2012)

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The closing meeting of the collaborative research project SURVIE will take place the 28th of June 2012, in the Région Ile de France office in Paris.

SURVIE dealt with measurement of visibility during recovery (wipers, lights, demist, defrost, etc …). Measurement was performed using the onl device in the worl that can measure visibility for a human being ; VisiNex Developed par the company Nexyad.

The project gathered Saint Gobain, Valeo, CETE Lyon laboratory (Clermont Ferrand Lab), Oktal, Aximum, Nexyad.

Project Purpose: Research on the technical ways to improve or restore visibility to the driver, and development of new functionalities of VisiNex.

Several innovative measurement functionalities could be integrated to VisiNex by Nexyad, allowing partners to improve their understanding of visibility recovery in many cases of real world scenes.

This research program got the label of the French competitive cluster on automotive and transportation mov’eo.