NEXYAD AI Prudence Assessment in Electric Trucks

NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #41, June 22th, 2023


NEXYAD AI Prudence Assessment in Electric Trucks


Headlines :

– NEXYAD CEO Editorial

– Conference of Nexyad CEO at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart

– News of Nexyad democar Dreamotor1

– AWS invited Nexyad CTO to Le Mans free session 2023

– Our Partner SBG Systems test Dreamotor 1 that integrates their IMU Sensor

– More tests of  NEXYAD Democar Dreamotor 1

– NEXYAD and VOLTA TRUCKS join forces to explore the future of urban road safety

– NEXYAD at AWS Amazon Web Services Summit 2023 in Paris



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Nexyad CEO Editorial



The big news this month is our work with the modern trucks OEM VOLTA Trucks. NEXYAD and VOLTA will bring urban delivery to a new level of road safety.

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We Save Lives





Gerard, CEO of Nexyad



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Conference of Nexyad CEO at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart


Stuttgart, thursday June 15th 2023.

Nexyad attended to the Congress ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo and the organisers invited NEXYAD CEO to speak at the event. The scientific paper is titled “NEW PARADIGM FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – BASED PRUDENCE ASSESSMENT”. A cristal clear explanation of why AV arrival is posponed every year and the Nexyad solution tool to accelerate its development and market. Many questions in the audience.   Gérard Yahiaoui – Nexyad CEO    

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Beside Nexyad CEO conference at Congress (see previous news) it was the occasion to meet partners and make new contacts with technological supplier Panasonic and turkish OEM TOGG which will market electric vehicles in 2024. Nexyad CEO with Philippe from Intempora (dSPACE) and with Pierre from Heex


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News of Nexyad democar Dreamotor1


St Germain en Laye, june 19th 2023.


A new step for Dreamotor1. Nexyad team installed camera and lidar ina box on the roof of the Renault Zoé. Our AI SafetyNex aggregates all available data in vehicle (digital map, GNSS, V2X, camera detection, radar inter-distance, lidar, weather conditions, DMS, speed, CAN buses, etc.) In most vehicles that are going to integrate SafetyNex, there are already perception ADAS available, but in Nexyad Dreamotor1 is now Nexyad detection software products : RoadNex (detection of the bitumen surface by camera), ObstaNex (detection of obstacles on road with both camera and lidar, plus inter-distance given by lidar), VisiNex (visibility measurement by camera for detection of fog, heavy rain, sand storm, snow storm, darkness, dust on camera, etc.) which operate. In near future, we will be able to demonstrate all Nexyad AI softwares onboard in typical use cases that interest public, OEM’s and tier one suppliers. Camera and lidar on roof box made by Nexyad.  


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AWS invited Nexyad CTO to Le Mans free session 2023


Le Mans, Wednesday June 7th 2023.


Thanks to Amazon Web Services (Stanislas Roëls Thomassin and Nicolas Pfeiffer) for the invitation to Le Mans free session on Ferrari paddock . Nexyad CTO Pierre Da Silva Dias is fund of car racing as fan and on a technical point of view. AWS group in Le Mans with Pierre in the center.



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Our Partner SBG Systems test Dreamotor 1 that integrates their IMU Sensor


Guyancourt, May 22th 2023.


Technical support staff of SBG Systems came in Guyancourt to test Dreamotor 1 of which they are partners with their fantastic micro Inertial Measurement Unit sensor (see picture below). They could see the good use of their IMU technology by Nexyad. The positionning is far more efficient since FH electronics integrated it for Dreamotor 1. SafetyNex provides in real time prudent recommended speed, lack of prudence alerts and instant prudent speed for predictive ACC and Autonomous Vehicle.

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Dreamotor 1 sponsors : partners :  



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More tests of NEXYAD Democar Dreamotor 1


They have tested NEXYAD democar Dreamotor 1 from April to June 2023, around Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt or other locations in Paris suburb. Tests for Amazon Web Services in April 12th and 27th, Renault April 20th, our partner Heex april 21th, Transdev may 12th and 29th, SBG (see article above), and for Tomtom june 7th.


Dreamotor 1 sponsors :

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NEXYAD and VOLTA TRUCKS join forces to explore the future of urban road safety


         May, 2023  

NEXYAD and VOLTA TRUCKS join forces to explore the future of urban road safety for drivers and vulnerable users using hybrid physics-informed SafetyNex AI. Both companies share the commitment to bring Advanced Driver Assistance Systems expertise into Electric Vehicles.   
Paris and Stockholm – NEXYAD, the embedded, real-time platform for aggregating on-board data, has announced a partnership with VOLTA TRUCKS, the leading and disruptive all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider, to bring the next generation of driving coaching and scoring to aid drivers of the Volta Zero to achieve the safest driving style possible in an urban environment.  
It is all about Safety Safety is at the heart of Volta Trucks, with the ambition to produce the safest trucks for our cities. The Volta Zero was designed for electric from the outset, which facilitates a step-change in vehicle, driver and pedestrian safety. Thanks to the removal of the internal combustion engine, the operator of a Volta Zero sits in a central driving position, with a much lower seat height than a conventional truck. This combination, plus a glass house-style cab design, gives the driver a wide 220-degrees of visibility, minimising dangerous blind spots.  
On-board data  Nexyad uses hybrid physics-informed AI to aggregate various data sources in vehicles in real time and interprets them. This offers Volta Trucks’ drivers simple and relevant information that can help them develop an increasingly prudent driving style, minimizing risk for themselves and other vulnerable road users. Starting from a minimum viable product based on three sets of data: Map, Global Navigation Satellite System, Electronic Horizon, and vehicle Speed, Nexyad’s platform is also scalable and can be tailored to specific usages and vehicles like Volta Trucks’, by aggregating data from Advanced Driving Assistant Systems (ADAS) sensors to include camera, radar and lidar, weather (visibility and temperature), laden weight, traffic data, etc.  
Maximum speed recommended for a specific vehicle at a specific time Nexyad’s real-time data aggregation platform uses vehicle information and driving conditions to provide a maximum speed recommendation, considering the legal speed limit, road roughness, topography of the road, weather conditions, and traffic.Nexyad bases its analysis on 12 scientific collaborative research programs with road safety experts of 19 countries, using a set of rules from cutting edge Artificial Intelligence that includes knowledge-based systems, deep learning, neural gas, PAC (Possibly Approximatively Correct) learning, game theory, reinforcement learning, possibility theory and fuzzy logic.By recommending a “maximum cautious speed” based on real-time information, Nexyad’s approach goes beyond the European requirement ISA (Intelligent Speed Assist). Nexyad’s safety coach called SafetyNex also acts as a virtual co-pilot in cockpit while driving and provides anticipation guidance when necessary, helping to avoid emergency situations that may lead to an accident.  
A risk score for drivers, fleet managers and insurers The real-world information gathered from Nexyad SafetyNex can then provide drivers with a safety score that reflects their driving style and acts as a catalyst for a range of solutions that motivate safer driving practices. Meanwhile, fleet managers can effortlessly track and monitor their driver’s performance with greater precision, and insurance companies can accurately assess risk levels and offer tailor-made premiums for every driver’s individual risk profile.  
Contacts Gerard YAHIAOUI  
see Volta Trucks Press Release


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NEXYAD at AWS Amazon Web Services Summit 2023 in Paris



Paris, April 3rd and 4th.


Amazon Web Services has taken up its Summit at palais de Congrès in Paris. “AWS Summit Paris is a free event that brings the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn more about AWS. At the Summit, you can learn how to choose the right database, modernize your data warehouse, and drive digital transformation using AI. The event attracts tech specialists from all industries and skill levels who want to learn how AWS can help them innovate rapidly and deliver flexible, reliable solutions at scale.”

The Summit is a very impressive event, that attracts loads of people. Several dozens of AWS partner’s booths were dispatched on the three floors were crowded during the two days. More than 100 sessions o learn more about our customers’ use cases, to discover services and to ask your questions. The Ask an Expert area where you can get a one-on-one session with an AWS team member. AWS training to learn with help from AWS experts, Ddevelop skills and knowledge and build future with the AWS Cloud. And more…


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