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NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #7, February the 4th, 2016

Summary :

– French National Projects : Initiative PME (ADEME) – Safety/Risk of Accident

– Visibility Measurement : Release v2.0 of VisiNex Onboard

– Risk & Safety Estimation in Driving : SafetyNex Software Module

– Nexyad expertise about Autonomous vehicle : ERTS2 2016 – 8th European Congress

– Future Presence of Nexyad on Congresses & Exhibitions (ADAS, Autonomous Cars & Insurance)

– Nexyad New Customers : Focus on VeDeCoM

French National Projects : Initiative PME (ADEME)
Safety/Risk of Accident

NEXYAD is proud to announce that our project SEMACOR has been approved.

This project will help to us to accelerate applications of road safety/ risk of accident estimation
in embedded connected devices (based on the NEXYAD software SafetyNex) : new vehicles and also telematics devices (aftermarket applications for car industry, insurance companies, etc …)

Contact NEXYAD if you need to measure both safety and eco-driving onboard : (
Demo of SafetyNex :
NB : SafetyNex is THE ONLY module that measures road safety (correlated to accident), validated by
experts of French Accident Administration (cf. paper at congress PRAC 2010 « évaluation du risque
de sortie de route pour l’aide à la conduite ou le diagnostic d’infrastructure », J Brunet, P Da Silva Dias, G. Yahiaoui, Session 1 « caractérisation du risque routier »)


Visibility Measurement :Release v2.0 of VisiNex Onboard

NEXYAD VisiNex Onboard v2.0 is now available on RT-Maps Framework (by Intempora).
It comes with local Visual Quality Score (VQS) figured by colors :
Green is high, orange is medium, red is low.
See Demo film below on foggy weather condition :

Applications :
Distance of visibility measurement, adaptive detection algorithms depending on visibility conditions, rain detection, fog detection, camera based ADAS reliability estimation, “your intelligent ADAS system”.

Technical information about VisiNex measurement : Distance of Detection and Visual Quality Score (VQS)

VisiNex Onboard computes a distance of detection (in meters) and the VQS number which represents the easiness of objects detection and image understanding.

Calculation is processed using two multidimensional functions :

– the MTF function : Modulation Transfert Function that gives the contrast (contrats of Michelson) of the scene among frequency (also called the Spatial Frequency Response).
The MTF function is measured by VisiNex, with a very high signal/noise ratio.

– the CSF function : that gives sensitivity of human vision to contrast among frequency
(NB : this CSF function is also a function of background luminance, ambiant lightning, and may also be different for categories of persons : children, « regular » adult, old people, trained people such as military fighter pilots, etc …). The CSF function was measured by searchers thats validated it from the observation of thousands of people (a representative panel). The most famous version is the NGAN model. NEXYAD is involved for many years in military applications and could develop and validate a very accurate CSF that takes into account many parameters (such as ambiant light, background, …).

A mathematical comparison of those two functions lets VisiNex Onboard compute :
– a distance of detection, recognition, and identification, applying the Johnson criteria
– the VQS number which is the quantity of MTF that is actually helpfull for human vision.
So in the end, we can say that VisiNex Onboard outputs are the results on deterministic computing on contrast measurement.

References : (MTF and CSF) (CSF NGAN)–contrast-sensitivity.cfm (Michelson contrats) (Johnson criteria)

VisiNex also computes image distortion and can display a distortion map.
High level of distortion lead to images that are hard to understand and that is a cause of bad road safety (as a lack of visibility is).

* * * * *

NEXYAD proposes VisiNex Lab since 2001 : a visibility measurement bench as an industrial system that you can install and uninstall very quickly.
VisiNex Lab system installs easily in an industrial laboratory, or a production line for quality control, and is in compliance with all industry standards that apply to this type of equipment. NEXYAD has developed rigorous calibration procedures for VisiNex™ to ensure the repeatability after assembly, disassembly, reassembly.

* * * * *

Risk & Safety Estimation in Driving : SafetyNex Software Module

SafetyNex now working on a lean Linux electronic device (of a tier one company) for insurance companies and the SEMACOR project will help us to accelerate deployment on smartphones too :

* * * * *

Nexyad Expertise about Autonomous Vehicle :
ERTS2 2016 – 8th European Congress

From 27th to 29th january 2016 at Toulouse in France took place the 8th European Congress “Embedded Real Time Software and Systems”, centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis.

Gérard Yahiaoui, Nexyad CEO participated to a roundtable about Highly Automated Driving conducted by journalist Laurent Meillaud and organized by Louis-Claude Vrignaud (Continental); with Paul Labrogere (IRT System X), Jean-François Simeon (Akka Research), Franck Foersterling (Continental Automotive), Ernesto Exposito (CNRS Laas), David Lopez (NXP) and Gilbert Gagnaire (EasyMile).


* * * * *

Future Presence of Nexyad on Congresses & Exhibitions
(ADAS, Autonomous Cars & Insurance)

Difficult to miss NEXYAD in 2016. The french High-Tech company for ADAS, Autonomous Vehicle & Connected Car will be where it’s important to be to present his work and his products :

Connected Car Insurance Europe 2016
Tues 12th – Wed 13th April • Tower Bridge Hotel, London
Actualise Connected Data Sets to Create Innovative Motor Insurance Products
Nexyad will present SafetyNex at the conference and on his booth.

Active Safety Europe 2016: ADAS to Autonomous
May 17-18, 2016 • Munich
Enabling The Next Phase in Auto Safety Through The Development of ADAS
Gérard Yahiaoui, Nexyad CEO part of the 40 speakers.

Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium 2016
May 31 to June 2 • Stuttgart
The world’s only conference dedicated to the testing and development procedures for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems.

Connected Conference Paris
May 25-27, 2016 • Paris
Where Industry & Internet Meet

CESA 4.0 – Automotive Electronics
16 & 17 November 2016 • Paris
Today’s automotive electronics & future trends and technologies.
Gérard Yahiaoui, Nexyad CEO part of Commitees

Save the dates, everybody is invited to come visiting NEXYAD…

* * * * *

Nexyad New Customers :Focus on VeDeCoM

The VEDECOM Institute is one of the Institutes for the Energy Transition created within the Investment Plan for the Future of the French government. VEDECOM stands for carbon-free, communicating vehicle and its mobility. It is supported by the French competitiveness cluster Mov’eo and by several local communities around Paris

The objective of VEDECOM is to become an institute for mutual and co-located research on electric, autonomous and connected vehicles, and on the mobility eco-system built on infrastructures and services addressing new usages of shared mobility and energy.

VeDeCoM has presented his Autonomous Vehicle at ITS Bordeaux in november 2015. Nexyad made a short video :

To know more :

The NEXYAD team is proud to announce that The VeDeCoM Institute bought user licences,
under RT-Maps Framework, of our
Road Detection software module RoadNex and Obstacle Detection ObstaNex.