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NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #34, September 29th, 2021


Democar Nexyad Dreamotor1


Headlines :

– Nexyad CEO Editorial

– HERE360 Article about Nexyad Cognitive AI for Road Safety

– SIA Study Day: AI Applied to AV

– Democar Nexyad DREAMOTOR1 

– New Book : From AI to Autonomous and Connected Vehicles 

– Chair VAC at INSA Rouen

– Press about Nexyad



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Nexyad CEO Editorial


NEXYAD is starting a new phase of company development, based on the upcoming massive deployment of our on-board artificial intelligence software modules for mobility and road safety.</ aftermarket distributors, and in particular BRIGHTMILE (UK), and MONTBLEU Technologies (India) are starting deployments for vehicle fleets (trucks, cars, two-wheelers), insurers, and driving schools. These deployments are starting fast because they bring by two main value creations:
. reduction in costs for operations: reduction in the number of accidents by at least 25% which reduces cost for operations especially for fleets and insurers.
. reduction of road accident social impact and helping improve skills of drivers and future drivers that become aware of driving risk they take in every situation.


In the sector of new vehicles, NEXYAD is integrating its AI for real-time aggregation of all data available in the vehicle for estimation of the prudence of driving behavior in regards to context. This integration has already started with several OEMs in Europe, and NEXYAD decided to develop its own demonstration vehicle, DREAMOTOR1, to show its excellence.

Since this AI called SafetyNex aggregates data from numerous sources, we are opening this demo to other high-tech SMEs on two main domains:
. data acquisition: sensors, telecommunications systems, etc.
. HMI and new materials for the vehicle cockpit
To date, the companies that have signed agreement to integrate their technologies into DREAMOTOR1 are listed below. 
Partnership announcements with the French research cluster on automotive and mobility NEXTMOVE of which NEXYAD is a member should soon be published.

NEXYAD’s other AI modules, dedicated to camera perception, also have deployment prospects:
. RoadNex and ObstaNex, which detect respectively taxiway and obstacles (pedestrians, vehicles, etc.), have two main markets: on the one hand applications in the world of railways, and on the other hand a real-time application embedded in the centralized architecture of future vehicles for on-the-fly images labeling and to allow building of complex functions. Those functions cannot be achieved with current perception solutions because they do not deliver intermediate data diagnosys only).
. VisiNex, which measures the available visibility defined as the probability of being able to detect objects in the scene taking into account visual quality (fog, night, snow, etc.), is currently in view to carry out two tasks: on the one hand, give a score usability of the cameras for sensor fusion stages, and on the other hand, a detection of dust accumulated on the cameras.

NEXYAD’s deep competence in AI was credited, through our participation to two major events:
. SIA congress “AI applied to Autonomous and Connected Vehicle”: CEO of NEXYAD was a member of the organizing committee of this congress and talked during round table this month (see article below)
. release of the scientific book on AI “From AI to Autonomous and Connected vehicle” published in the USA (ed Pr. Abdelaziz Benshair & Thierry Bain) at editions ISTE-WILEY, of which NEXYAD wrote the first chapter. 

As most of you have already seen in our various publications, in July we signed a very strong partnership with the digital maps provider HERE Technologies to jointly develop Road Safety solutions, by associating AI softwares and competence ​​of NEXYAD , to the high quality of data and services brought by HERE maps. (see article below)
It is then in this very positive context that this newsletter is sent to you, we are still open to new collaborations that would give us the opportunity to go on saving lives.

Gerard, CEO of NEXYAD “We Save Lives”


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HERE360 Article about Nexyad Cognitive AI for Road Safety



What if you could see a crash before it even happened? Welcome to the future of road safety with Nexyad and HERE.

Nexyad CEO: “Our artificial intelligence is a new way of reading maps.”

A car accident in Paris when he was a student would later set Gerard Yahiaoui on the path to making the roads safer for us all. The incident, which saw both cars damaged beyond repair, was unavoidable, and neither driver saw it coming. Fortunately, Gerard and the driver of the other car escaped without injury. But the incident left him with a yearning to do more to help other people avoid a similar situation. After his crash Gerard recalls thinking at the time: “I had this thought in my head that I should have been warned in advance.”

Read here the full article by Ian Dickson for HERE360




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SIA Study Day : AI Applied to AV


Gérard YAHIAOUI, CEO of Nexyad, participated to the round table discussion during this study day “AI Applied to AV”, the september 16th at Marne la Vallée (near Paris).

Driver assistance and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) are an iconic theme for AI, which drives innovations as well as applications. The contributions of AI are rich and varied in several fields of application, such as environment perception or real-time control of the feedback loop on the effects of decisions, for examples.

The ambition of this Study Day was to identify, on the basis of the emblematic subject of Autonomous Vehicle (AV), how these new approaches using AI can be integrated within the automotive industry.

Beyond the AI algorithms used, the role of data is also an essential element, inseparable from AI, whether for the learning of models, the quality of data and their labeling, the validation of models, even acceptability for users.

The SIA is (Société des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile) or Automotive Engineers Society in France.

From the left: Prof. Fabien Moutarde, director of the Centre of  Robotics at Mines ParisTech; Luc Bourgeois, Expert Leader Systems Control at Renault Group; Frédéric Charon, Chief Executive of SIA; G. Yahiaoui, CEO of Nexyad; Fabrice Herveleu, Safety Regulation senior expert at UTAC

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Nexyad will launch DREAMOTOR1 in october. For now we have 8 contributors to this clean high tech and connected democar for road safety :

. Nexyad world leader in AI safety coach and Smart ACC
. YoGoKo a world expert of the connected vehicle (V2X)
. SBG Systems, leader in georeferenced dynamic positioning
. Intempora, leader real time and asynchronous environment for automotive systems
. FH Electronics, world-renowed expert in vehicle (autonomous vehicle)
. Eco_Technilin, leader of eco plant materials for vehicle interiors
. Nextmove, French Automotive Research Cluster 
. Normandy Region

DREAMOTOR1 will travel in all Europe during big Automotive Event such as :
. ITS World Congress, Hamburg october 11-15 2021
. EV Show, London december 7-9 2021
. Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services, Gothenburg may 17-18 2022
. Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, Stuttgart june 21-23 2022
. Mondial de l’Auto, Paris october 17-23 2022
. and Many others…




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New Book : From AI to Autonomous & Connected Vehicles


Gérard YAHIAOUI, Nexyad CEO, participate to this new publication from ISTE-WILEY.  

From AI to Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)
Volume 2 – Digital Science SET Coordinated by Abdelkhalak El Hami  


1. Artificial Intelligence for Vehicles, Gérard Yahiaoui.

2. Conventional Vision or Not: A Selection of Low-level Algorithms, Fabien Bonardi, Samia Bouchafa, Hicham Hadj-Abdelkader and Désiré Sidibé.

3. Automated Driving, a Question of Trajectory Planning, Olivier Orfila, Dominique Gruyer and Rémi Sainct.

4. From Virtual to Real, How to Prototype, Test, Evaluate and Validate ADAS for the Automated and Connected Vehicle?, Dominique Gruyer, Serge Laverdure, Jean-Sébastien Berthy, Philippe Desouza and Mokrane Hadj-Bachir.

5. Standards for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), Thierry Ernst.

6. The Integration of Pedestrian Orientation for the Benefit of ADAS: A Moroccan Case Study, Aouatif Amine, Abdelaziz Bensrhair, Safaa Dafrallah and Stéphane Mousset.

7. Autonomous Vehicle: What Legal Issues?, Axelle Offroy.


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Chair VAC at INSA Rouen




Nexyad participates to the pedagogic chair VAC (Vehicle Autonomous & Connected) at INSA Rouen under supervision of Prof. Abdelaziz Bensrhair. This chair is the result of partnership between French Automotive Research Cluster Nextmove and INSA Rouen (National Institute of Applied Sciences).

  Gerard YAHIAOUI presenting Nexyad AI work about AV



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Press about Nexyad


Maximum speed recommended for a specific vehicle at a specific time

Nexyad’s real-time data aggregation platform provides two output values ​​20 times every second: the lack of caution of the driver and the maximum speed recommended given the road conditions – legal speed limit, road roughness, topography of the road, weather, and traffic. Nexyad bases its analysis on several thousand road accident reports, using a set of rules from modern hybrid AI which includes knowledge-based systems, deep learning, neural gas, PAC (Possibly Approximatively Correct) learning, game theory, reinforcement learning, possibility theory and fuzzy logic. By recommending a ‘maximum cautious speed’ based on real-time data and context-specific to every single vehicle, driver and driving environment, Nexyad’s approach goes much further than the European requirement for vehicles to be aware of the legal speed limit on each road segment (Intelligent Speed Assist). Nexyad’s safety coach called SafetyNex acts as a true co-pilot for the driver as it provides real-time guidance so as to anticipate possible emergency situations ahead that may lead to an accident. This proactive coaching activates while driving and has been demonstrated to reduce accident rates by at least 25%. Read full article on





Nexyad and HERE Technologies Deploy Next-Gen cognitive AI to Improve Vehicle Safety

Paris, France – Nexyad, an embedded, real-time platform for aggregating on-board data, and HERE Technologies, the leading location data, and technology platform, have teamed up to bring cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the world of road safety. Nexyad employs cognitive AI to aggregate and interpret extensive data sources in a vehicle in real-time to determine whether a particular driving behavior is appropriate given the surrounding context. This assessment can be easily delivered to a driver via mobile phone and is calculated using only four sets of data: HERE map, Global Navigation Satellite System, electronic horizon, and acceleration. Nexyad’s platform is also scalable, with the ability to aggregate data from Advanced Driving Assistant Systems (ADAS) sensors such as camera, radar and lidar, weather (visibility and temperature), and traffic data. Read full article on


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