RoadNex is a software component that detects the road :
. Edges of the road (with or without markings)
. Bitumen Free Space (surface of the road)

RoadNex detects the road with a quick and efficient algorithm that doesn’t need a special camera (IR, SWIR, trifocal, …), or a special smart computing architecture (NVIDIA, …) : it can even run in real time on a regular smartphone and even on bad quality bitumen (full of cracks, patches, etc).
It is made to be quick, robust, and efficient enough at low price.

Technology : Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Demo in Paris Suburbs road without marking on sides, and intersection crossing.

Pan in real time on a smartphone (pan is the most complex movement for detection systems)

RoadNex can be an add-on input for SafetyNex.

RoadNex add-on of SafetyNex

Because too small free space ahead or direction of the road different than direction of the car are factors of risk. It is then possible to connect RoadNex outputs to SafetyNex additional inputs. RoadNex will « inform » SafetyNex that there is something else than the road ahead, or that the driver is a little too close from the vehicle ahead, etc.
RoadNex is available on Android, IOS, Linux, and Windows.


RoadNex Software Component Input and Outputs


Road(t) :
Coordinates of road borders
Coordinates of free space borders (even if there are no markings)
In the image space in pixels
In the real 3D world in meters