ObstaNex is a software component that detects obstacles :
. Vehicles (car, truck, two wheels)
. Pedestrians
. Others in demand

ObstaNex detects nature and location of obstacles, and computes interdistance between carrier and obstacles with a quick and efficient algorithm that doesn’t need a special camera (IR, SWIR, trifocal, …), or a special smart computing architecture (NVIDIA, …) : it can even run in real time on a regular smartphone.
It is made to be quick, robust, and efficient enough at low price.

Technology : Computer Vision and Deep Learning.


ObstaNex can be an add-on input for SafetyNex.

RoadNex add-on of SafetyNex

Because presence of other road users ahead, big pedestrians traffic around, or many high vehicles parked on a small street can mask potential obstacles suddenly emerging, are factors of risk. It is then possible to connect ObstaNex outputs to SafetyNex additional inputs. ObstaNex will « inform » SafetyNex that there is static or moving obstacles on the road ahead, and/or that those obstacles are too close (in seconds), etc.
ObstaNex is available on Android, IOS, Linux, and Windows.


ObstaNex Software Component Input and Outputs


Road(t) :
Coordinates of road borders
Coordinates of free space borders (even if there are no markings)
In the image space in pixels In the real 3D world in meters